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  1. PJ228

    I mean 98% of the time when Medics are in Kavala its because either A.) There are no revives or B.) They are EMT's and cant do much other than. Plus most of the time we get bombarded by people who wanna bet us and spam us with bets. Most Medics I see dont neglect their duties just to go pandering for bets in Kavala. It is what it is though :/
  2. PJ228

    As a career Medic these R&R changes disappoint me all around. Everything else though is lit
  3. PJ228

    Im hyped. Hope the testing goes by smoothly UwU
  4. PJ228

    @TheCmdrRex @DeadPool I would love to see a detailed post on all the perks and how the scale up. (Ex: At X number of revives it becomes X percent faster, etc.). I don't think any exist, haven't seen anything about it since the May update. I'm very curious at how much the perk system affects long time players.
  5. Omg hire 10 devs ASAP so we can get this. Give this man a medal while they're at it.
  6. PJ228

    Didn't you just lose it all LMFAO. Wheres this next 100m coming from?
  7. PJ228

    What the hell do you mean by "regular" Spar Taser? The only ones there are are the ones you rob off APD.
  8. PJ228

    I wouldn't say thats the reason. I dont know much people who would be sitting in Kavala betting instead of going to revive. 9/10 times when we sit in Kavala and bet is because there are 6 medics and 10 cops on a server of 50 people and no one is requesting. I do see your point but I wouldn't remove it.
  9. PJ228

    Is there really any point to that? Im just confused on why they would disable it.

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