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Some thoughts on Ramen noodles

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Curious if anyone ever had Ramen and if you enjoyed it, if so what brand is your favorite? 

Also here to say that someday I hope we get a An-124 full shipment of ramen noodles to Olympus but i'll be fine with a shipment of it in a blackfish if it comes down to it, as long as it's sold to the people of Olympus! By doing this it will give us the strength and power to overcome any fire fight we encounter! In the heat of the battle all you'll have to do is have a cup of ramen and you will have potentially gained the advantage upon your enemy! 


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Guest G.O.A.T.
13 hours ago, DanteFleury said:

I personally mix one shrimp and one chicken together and then add extra seasoning of my choice because in Louisiana if it doesn't burn it isn't good..or something like that 

@McDili can you confirm?

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47 minutes ago, Ramennoodles said:

Damnn just going through all the comments is making me hungry! Sounds so good what everyone is saying!! Gonna have to go shopping for all them variety of ramen noodles that you guys are mentioning. Gotta stock up and get my shit together honestly!

I Literally had Ramen for lunch thanks to this post. Nothing else sounded good. 

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