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100 Nugget Challenge and other Food Feats

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I love chicken and chicken products; Strips, nuggets, slices, pieces, and other. I keep hearing about how theres this 100 nugget challenge and I keep thinking.. don't threaten me with a good time.

I once tried the Lambeau Heap

..but I didn't finish the challenge...

Anyone here ever take on a food challenge? How did it go? If not, what would you try?

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3 hours ago, Edmunds.Z said:

theres this local bar and burger joint called stella's, and they have a burger called the stellanator. its all of their specialty burgers stacked on top of each other so about 15 burgers or so. My friends and I all went (4 of us) and split it and were still unable to finish it

You know he's over 25 when he calls it a "joint" smh old fuck

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12 minutes ago, Ignis said:

This kind of makes me want to try Wendy's chicken nuggets after class

They have a thing called the family chicken nugget bucket. $9.99 you get 50 nuggets. 

Ive gotten two before lol.

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7 minutes ago, Ignis said:

I tried their fries because my friend got wendy's once and I wasn't too fond of them maybe it was a bad batch but they were nasty

Fries aint the best, but they're decent when they're not cold

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9 minutes ago, Poseidon said:

Spicy chicken samich and 6 pc spicy nuggets

Don't forget the frosty. Those shits are great. Once bought 3 of them and put 2 in the freezer cause I wanted easier access to a good shake.

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1 hour ago, EWI said:

You know he's over 25 when he calls it a "joint" smh old fuck

I was about to call you out on this,but then I realize I say joint sometimes and I'm 25. 


Kids these days...

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