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Locked VAC Ban BS

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Just now, MrBoonie said:

I agree they are literally making us write an essay apologizing for something that has NOTHING to do with olympus as a community, if you find someone exploiting or hacking within the community then sure I find this a reasonable request to write an essay or ETC. I record 99 % of all my gameplay, I report exploits and bugs and hackers so for olympus to ban half of their community for their past is going to leave a bad impression as well hurt their REP and donation goals. JS.

i was just told i wont be unbanned cause i got an F-

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4 minutes ago, Fuzy said:

So from what I can see, a ton of people are being permanantly banned for being VAC banned on a game that isn't Arma. To me, I think this whole situation is bullshit. Who cares if they're VAC banned on another game? That shit does not interfere with Arma what so ever, so why care about it? Not only are they permanantly banned from a game they cheated on, but they're banned from a server that they haven't cheated on, and to top it all off, we're assigning 300 word essays to people that are banned? What kind of shit is that? Let the people play, this is very immature and @Mercury, I like you, but you're looking at this like it's a game. "I didn't assign you an essay, F-" That shit is so childish. I would understand if this was a thing from when the server started, but for this to come out of no where and go on a banning spree for no reason what so ever. Once again, let the people play! This is so unnecessary.

+1, Very true       LET THE PEOPLE PLAY

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@Mercury @Tman15tmb @Grandma Gary @Poseidon @Talindor @McDili

I am just curious, why did you all make the decision to do this ban thing in the first place? I don't understand. 

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