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35 minutes ago, poof| i hate all apd said:

play against someone with 200 ping and u will understand the pain

i was the person you were shooting at retard

you are horrible

27 minutes ago, Google said:

$50/month and Poof is gonna be a god.


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3 hours ago, Google said:

$50/month and Poof is gonna be a god.

wanna get blacklisted off rnr or meta ? keep talking

3 hours ago, buckie said:

this guy is so bad he legit said SCI was the best gang on the server HA

never said

3 hours ago, G F said:

not being funny but I always thought u were one of the worst tp members 

that fine keep roaching, ask mcflare to let me join outnumbered

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37 minutes ago, Noodles:D said:

This is very toxic for someone who's looking for a gang.  But instead of making a whole post of all this shit talking just go to gang recruitment and either apply or recruit. 

Big facts. 

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