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  1. 1. Server wide reset of money, weapons, houses, cars etc

    • Reset
    • Don't reset
    • Who tf are you?

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2 minutes ago, buckie said:

Why reset a dead game, a reset would make more people leave instead of retain the 5 people that still play, goodluck monkey the next reset is Arma 4

130 ppl on rn at 10 at night. Ded af

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48 minutes ago, Shadexz said:

130 ppl on rn at 10 at night. Ded af

Now imagine 130 people on 3 servers rn, thats what it was like when I played the server is dead get over it and find a new game retard ur 5 years late to the train

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  • Admin

This has been debated time and time again and the consensus is that it would kill the server. It’s going to be better to help newer players (yes they exist) get financially stable enough to run with the people who are able to fight caps, do events, etc. That create content for the player base to participate in than drag everyone down to square 1. 

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39 minutes ago, ThatNerdyGuy said:

I mean, if you want to kill the server, reseting everything is a great idea.

Take the server behind the shed and put it out of it’s misery.


All seriousness, resets only work for servers that focus on roleplay. An current example of this would be anzus even though it is a modded server. A server reset in Olympus is a lot like resetting a KoTH server, makes no sense really.

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7 hours ago, ThatNerdyGuy said:

I mean, if you want to kill the server, reseting everything is a great idea.

Wdym, it worked so fine last time :kappa:


I remember praying that we would have over 20 people on the server during peak, good times.

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1 hour ago, ThatNerdyGuy said:

I think that's a bit much, he's new to the forums so he probably doesn't have the same experience that the people are commenting here. Be nice. 


18 hours ago, Shadexz said:

Server Wide reset 

Sorry didn't know you were new here, it's understandable for a new player to think like that. My bad 🙂 

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I say yes because, to any new player, a player that does not have much money, or a player that plays solo, it is extremely difficult to make money. No matter what path you decide to take to make money, there is a large possibility that you will be robbed/rdm'd and or zerged by a gang. The only path I have seen for players like this to make money is by either joining a decent sized gang that is always online, or playing as APB or Medic. Most people that play on this server do not need to make money for the foreseeable future. A reset of the playing field would be nice no matter how you look at it. The only people that are against it, are people that do not need to make money anymore. The reset that happened before on this server was amazing. Even though I was one of the players that had more money than I knew what to do with, I thought it was a great change of pace and a pick me up for new players and other players having problems making money.

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I mean what would change with a reset? Old players who still play would still know everything they know now and would just do 1-2 runs and then go start robbing again and with that robbing would start chasing the new players away anyways. I mean it would make no difference people just wouldn't have houses or gear in said houses. If anything it would just make old players rob  new players more because the old players would just want to get money back that they lost from the reset. Most old players who are still here do caps which keeps them away from new players but with a reset it would just make new players more prone to being robbed.

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