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  1. Just because a gang doesn't appear at a cartel in 5 fucking milliseconds doesn't mean the server is dying lads.
  2. I will be extremely disappointed in you if you leave me with THEM Remove CSAT fatigues and we will be set to go. There are several occasions in which I can recall wankers on cartel caps tanking four, maybe more 7.62shots resulting in me trading with set wanker.Personally I'm not to fond of paying 130k for a gun which unless the opposing side is one tapped and or at close range will take a couple shots then just go heal and be set. This creates a fight where the only way to win is to get a tap which personally makes me question whether I wish to fight or not.
  3. Whoever thought it was a great idea to make @Lucki senior APD must have been the result of inbreeding FUCKING ROASTED
  4. Give this lovely chap a chance or else I'm turning on the shoulder mounted anti aircraft weapons of fucking mass destruction
  5. How much for pcml?
  6. @bigPat
  7. It was 3 one of you retards dropped out the ifrit prior to the push and he died then you two silly Billy's rushed and died
  8. Ah mah gawd dude who even are you. right now you I'll rape you all
  9. Fuck yea dude imma rape you with my 7 gear mechanical fucking plastic spork and dude imma teabag and dude imma post vids of me raping you on the forums dude and yea dude I'm so good and that DUDE
  10. PRICK
  11. Biscuits and banter @Legolum @yobson it was more of a ironic impression of stereotypical Glaswegians but I guess I see where you're coming from @Rogue you are a TWAT
  12. @Augustus really happy to hear you applied to BP, keep on climbing to the stars son :Kappa:

  13. Cmon chaps no need to take you're bloody little hate groups to roasting chaps irl features. Let's keep this in game roasting and in game roasting you cheeky little fucking tatties.
  14. You my friend are the hero we need +1