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  1. The firerates of the guns are 1100 for the sting and 1200 for the vermin IIRC; not a big enough difference to spend dev time on.
  2. I was actually just doing this. Nato instead of CSAT is a major difference, 12 shots with sting 11 shots with vermin. That is a extra 12 shots of protection for having different taste in pants. Edit: had the numbers backwards. Just did some more testing: any clothes + Carrier Lite: 5 shots Any clothes + GA rig: 10-11 shots CSAT + carrier lite: 8 shots CSAT + GA Rig: 24 shots While at higher calibers the GA rig isn't any better then the carrier lite, it appears to be extremely good at blocking low caliber bullets. Honestly shocking how much better it is.
  3. I am so sorry that @TheRandomOne keeps getting out of his cage; we just cant afford a bigger one without our meth money.
  4. My gang seems to have a decent success rate for fed's and I feel like they are in a good place. Your going to get rolled if 3 SGT's and a LT are on, but that's going to be the case regardless of how easy they make it. Even with a Ghosthawk in the air we have gotten away with the money; it is suppose to be hard. I do agree on the CSAT thing, and I also believe that lethal's are pretty heavy right now. These things should (and in some cases are) be looked at.
  5. It says in the changelog: Taxi license dialog will now prompt players to pick to keep taxi license or to keep rebel/vigilante. Can no longer hold both at the same time.
  6. If your talking about my comment then it was just some fun jabbing, I am in SB with randomone and we say that shit, and worse, to eachother all the time. If your talking about someone else's comment, eh. whatever.
  7. A fat ass grown man.
  8. I was ganna say... I mean really, we only go to Kavala when there is literally NOTHING else going on on the server; if your going to try and insult us at least get it right.
  9. Unfortunately there isn't a definitive answer to your question. Simply put, take a picture of your crate inventory any time you add/take something out of it, and if something goes missing then fill out a comp request. Arma does stupid things, and stuff doesn't always save. Some crate exploits have been fixed in the last few updates, but there is no guarantee that more don't exist- if you see someone exploiting try to get evidence and submit a report; the sooner these exploits are found the better.
  10. All sheds minus a couple that were in bad places (npc inside it, for example) can be bought. Any gang member can spawn there.