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  1. stop with the periods just say bump
  2. You'll find more fights between 10PM-6AM your time If you have one, talk to your gang so they can try to adapt to when you're able to play. Always helps.
  3. He's callling you a snitch. Snitches aren't cool...
  4. He controlled that shit. @The-Viper
  5. no.
  6. not worth 2-3 mil dude lower your prices and provide a screenshot
  7. 10K
  8. your just cringey
  9. @Tman15tmb that's less then you payed the guy with half that amount
  10. The Ghillie is bought from rebel. Any items that you don't see in any civillian shop is from rebel. Any item not found in any civilian shop is from rebel.
  11. 125K!
  12. spicy. how much @Ajax
  13. protest in kav, will work
  14. IGN?