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  1. when ya gotta make a new account to get rid of ur bad rep @DeadVCR2-Electric Boogaloo

  2. tfw you catch an online quiz you forgot about at 10:58 bc u were scatting in kavala and  finish it in 2 minutes by the 11 pm deadline and get a 100% :pog:

    Edited by Jakka
  3. can i still use my app from jan? wasnt given an expiration date

  4. i take care of disabled friends and family
  5. Man's do I need to roast you off this site again like I did last time
  6. superhot is free on twitch prime

  7. when ya wanna play arma again but college is kicking your ass

  8. how about a rope giveaway for that clickbait
  9. 2 dolla holla holla
  10. i have 300
  11. i didnt know raptor got out of jail, huh.
  12. yall be bitchin about no cartel fights when the real problem is the niggas that dont use push to talk

    1. lou25000
    2. obeymatt


      Ya fuck cartels, kavala the realist cartel fight around 

  13. league of legends is discount WoW pvp and fortnite stole hero of the storms UI convince me otherwise

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jakka


      triggered mayhaps

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      There is no WoW pvp therefore it cannot be discount LoL pvp. 

      Jimmies thoroughly rustled.

    4. Jakka


      batlegrounds? there is a whole section of pvp

  14. seems alot of gang shit going on :pog: might have to come back


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