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  1. Submit an appeal for the ban, if a specific staff member replies then try to arrange a specific time/date with them. As for being in TS, staff are in TS all the damn time, but like people have pointed out with a few exceptions no one's getting paid to do this. I get waiting sucks but if you have a complex issue, for both admins and devs it's not worth the hassle and bickering that ensues a lot of the time. If you were playing another game, doing paperwork or just chilling with your friends would you drop everything to tend to a complex case?
  2. Thanks for the clarification, checked the wiki but it wasn't listed as a sgt gun. But yeah, looking at the firepower Sergeant has I'd wager the supply of new Type115s is close to nonexistent.
  3. Good luck with that. They got removed from APD a few months ago and I don't think they're even available outside of SWAT, may not even be usable as a taser anymore tbh.
  4. Be honest... you just want the sick hoodie they send you.
  5. Hey, you're disrespecting a future US Army MEPS reject.
  6. Congrats @ Rafa and @ Bubbaloo Burrito well deserved gents. 

    É nóix

    1. Rafa


      Thanks! Yknow you’re alright for a BR 😉 

  7. You should've been here last June. We would block the whole road with cars, post up a cpl with a GL in a high place and saturate square with tear gas and flashbangs.
  8. Gz to the boy @ King , if I call 911 will you take my support ticket?

    1. King


      @ sploding  911, just so you know our opinion does reflect staff in any manner. Lmao

  9. Desejando força ao companheiro @ Ron ! O povo unido jamais será vencido!

  10. Happy birthday to one of my favorite maple men, @Cadenn

  11. Congratulations to @1thedoc@RAFA is ISO of SWEETHEART @Lime@Brolaf for all being promoted in the chain of wiki curation.

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