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  1. I don't know how much of a thing this is outside of the U.S. but most American Olympians will know that October is breast cancer awareness month. Since this server regularly exceeds the donation goal I think that maybe a good goal would be to take the excess of donations for October and donate them to a breast cancer charity, I think knowing that donations are going to a good cause on top of the usual rewards would be a pretty good motivator for those on the fence and in the October update or hot-fix we could include some breast cancer awareness skins to all the factions as an extra pick me up (google the pink patch/badge project) Some facts Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women and men worldwide In 2012 breast cancer represented 12% of all new cancer diagnoses and made up 25% of female cancer cases Men can get breast cancer too and routine self screening is recommended for all individuals with risk factors and women over 40 In the U.S. a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes Due to advances in treatments, screening and awareness the mortality for breast cancer sits at 2.6%, but it still claims around 45,000 lives a year Some Charities Breast Cancer Research Foundation The BCRF was founded in 1992, they invented the original pink ribbon campaign and currently they send 88% of their funds to aid in breast cancer research and 3% to awareness projects Living Beyond Breast Cancer LBBC was founded by a radiation oncologist in 1991, while their original mission was to support women after treatment today the charity helps patients and survivors of both genders in the process of diagnoses, treatment, and recovery, this charity is also unique because they have resources and projects geared towards helping the caretakers, family members and doctors of those they help currently 84% of their funding goes to those programs. National Breast Cancer Foundation They're fairly similar to the other charities in the aspects of funding research, but what sets them apart is their awareness and prevention campaigns, on top of agressively pushing awareness the NBCF also specializes in providing free or low cost screenings, checkups and mammograms to women who would not be able to access those measures otherwise. Metavivor This one is fairly grim as they primarily deal with metastatic and terminal cases of breast cancer, Metavivor spends 90% of it's funds on their projects ranging from research grants to find more cures for metastatic breast cancer, they create awareness for the research and support of terminal breast cancer and they provide emotional support and other mental health resources to these patients, while metastatic breast cancer is very morbid it's wide reaching, approximately 30% of all patients will develop metastatic breast cancer and it makes up 6% of all initial diagnoses. This topic hits close to home for me, in 2016 my mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 3 breast cancer, it took over a year for her to beat it and last year she became 100% cancer free, but I can attest that the damage of the treatments and the strain was extremely challenging for my family and if it weren't for her awesome team of doctors, nurses, friends and helpers it would've been much much harder. We were lucky to have access to some of the best medical care in the world and have the resources where her illness became priority number 1, but sadly not all patients, families and survivors have access to things like this making an uphill climb look like Everest, and these charities absolutely help reduce those stresses and save lives. Whether or not @Ryan chooses to do this I would highly recommend looking into one of these charities or one closer to you and helping out somehow, chances are if you have a woman in your life you care about be it your mother, girlfriend or sister she will probably be affected by this disease at one point, I think this could be a great way to "redeem" the server from the developments of September but most importantly with a community this big and the amount of revenue donations bring in it could cause a lot of good.
  2. Do the 2 failed attempts revert to the two individual deaths rule or does every lethal need to die twice irregardless of wave?
  3. ETA on Ryan deleting this due to "cancer"?
  4. FA was pretty stupid too, but yeah, nothing will come close to the lymphoma that was KS.
  5. It's been brought up plenty of times but never executed because it's not viable. The rules of use would make it a once in a blue moon thing making the certification useless or too frequent and piss off the civs.
  6. How does the hit system work with engagement? Is it normal engagement rules? Is there a system for civs to track hits that are out?
  7. HBD to my favorite vegetable @21Cabbage 

    1. 21Cabbage


      thank you ambassador 

  8. I start university tomorrow majoring in international relations.

    My professor sent out chapter 1 of the textbook for everyone to read by then and I'm simultaneously bored to tears and at the edge of my seat.  

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    2. Pledge


      Just tell them you know me and it will all be easy 

    3. Seth M.

      Seth M.

      Lmao, you're gonna get into international affairs? Just another retarded diplomat I guess, with your lack of braincells I hope you don't screw anything up. For the good of the United States of America please DO NOT make this your career path.

    4. Bloodmoon


      Generally, non stem = basically a high school degree

  9. In Arma the distances are wonky so it won't really help, if you haven't get a class or three with a driving instructor, they're the reason I passed my test on the first try.
  10. She gives off strong a teen mom/junkie vibe, very cool!
  11. It sounds low but you're not counting how much is stored in houses or sheds. Also feds can be won with strats, if civs get the gold but they don't knock out AA/ think of counters once the bomb blows then of course they'll get caught.
  12. Project 83 seemed like a decent tool for providing accurate feedback which was incredibly difficult before it existed. If it's possible to explain what was the rationale for removing it?
  13. As an APD motorman and head of the traffic unit I can positively say that the faster you go the cooler you are.
  14. Deadass I remember you being my instructor when sandman and I were going through the academy as derputies. O7, now nerdy and sandman finna be dep chiefs too.
  15. He's our mental retardation diversity hire, pay him no mind. While officers may not quote rules on duty simply asking for comp doesn't meet that standard. Unless he explicitly said the words RDM or referenced the rules in any other way your case is pretty weak.
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