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  1. Firsf chief in a while to look out for his people and try to represent his officer's best interests. Say what you will about his leadership style and internal gripes but the push for transparency, oversight and inclusion of the Jr APD into the decision making process Sandman rolled out in 2 months was more than Chiefs with much longer tenures achieved in eras with less resistance towards the APD.


    In my close to 3 years as an APD officer I can say I've only seen a handful of seniors who match the passion and drive that you had, in my opinion are one of the few seniors to take the concept of servant leadership to heart and I can only hope the next chief is as motivated and dedicated to his subordinates as you were.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. sploding


      @Billeh fuck that.


      I've never been one to try and play the politics game and I don't plan on starting now. I honestly believe Sandman tried to be a good chief and it sucks the stars and public opinion didn't align in his favor.


      Hopefully the next chief keeps up the agenda of putting the APD first and brings the same energy as Sandman but at this point I don't think that's likely.

    3. Bloodmoon


      6 minutes ago, sploding said:

      and brings the same energy as Sandman

      Yea, you don't want that.

    4. Ansarith


      @sploding careful you're not allowed to like the guy at all or you're sucking his dick

  2. Can APD get the blue or white HazMat suits for the covid update?

  3. Tommorowland winter just got cancelled:feelsbadman:

    1. Lime


      Ultra, now this. 'Tis sad times

  4. If the civ council doesn't approve tik toks as a valid way of player reporting tommorow I will lose my shit.

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    2. sploding
    3. i chop hatchbacks
    4. Birb


      it's just a 30-60 second video, so yeah wouldn't it be valid for certain things like the clip in my signature is good enough for a comp request

  5. Just like the sale of lamps, loans and gang funds are completely detached from Olympus and it's staff in any official capacity. If you got scammed just suck it up and make sure either you get some very good collateral for a loan or don't mess around with money if you dont trust then person or know them very well.
  6. BZ to @ShoTime

    Hope your marriage is good

    ETA on putting in your package to Annapolis?

    1. ShoTime


      I gotta do a year of college first.

  7. I'm sure BI will love having an active slave trade on a partner monetized server.
  8. Plenty of servers allow Blastcore and JSRS. Also when whitelisting mods you just add a server key so you absolutely can cater your list of client side mods. Making an approved list of mods that make the base game better can't hurt and if someone wants to cheat they won't be stopped by blastcore or JSRS being disabled. If you're worried about noobs just list the mods and steam links on the forums but if you cry unfair advantage because of an open source mod you can download you deserve to get clapped.
  9. You would still own garages for small houses or the ability to spawn closer to the action. I spend around 40 minute searching on S1 today and there are almost zero available garages. If garages were the price of a 4 crater I'd agree but now you can get one for less than a house meaning you buy a 1.5 million dollar house, spend another million upgrading it but can't use it as a spawn because of no garages nearby. We let people pull from gang sheds but that didn't kill the market for garages.
  10. Garage house combos are close to nonexistent though and garages are extremely scarce. If I'm paying over 2 mil for a house + upgrades I should be able to pay a little bit more and pull cars.
  11. This is a great update, can't tell you how many times I've had to explain to a civ why I'm doing what I'm doing but not been able to explain properly and ended up with a confused civ.
  12. APD training event tonight was an absolute blast. Shout out to @Soulz for being a great co-instructor/hostage.


    GG to all involved and we look forward to possibly doing this again with you guys in the future.

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    2. sploding


      @KGB JOSH how the fuck is this any different than the 18 gazillion posts congratulating someone for literally anything or the people constantly posting about their gang drama or Cartel events?

    3. Dante


      @sploding he was def memeing. If you take @KGB JOSH dumbass serious you’re not doing it right 

    4. ooooooooo


      @Dante Shut up career medic 

  13. You're half right, bad breath comes from bacteria. If you're prone to tonsil stones having exposed or almost surfacing tonsil stones will generate bad breath as they're teeming with bacteria. Tonsil stones excluded the best way to avoid bad breath is to kill most bacteria in your mouth, they thrive on the tongue so on top of thorough brushing you need some mouthwash to be sure your mouth is clean.
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