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  1. I wasn't that cop, but I am the only one on the server quite often. When you're alone you have no backup and it's normal for people paying off their bounties to take cops hostage if they know we're alone, I get it sucks but I wouldn't have gone either. Like they said, slap a bomb on the jail door so they're forced to respond then chill by door with your hands up, he won't have a choice in taking you in at that point.
  2. sploding

    Medics should redistribute their wealth. Deadass without the money we'd barely have medics, when I was green gang I remember being bored as fuck most of the time but RnR is allergic to fun so the money's the only incentive.
  3. sploding

    They're gonna use the money to set up a caliphate in Montana and force shakira law on everyone.
  4. sploding

    Serious question, if DB denies everyone except them can medics just say fuck it and refuse to revive DB too?
  5. But I thought this was a "light RP server" I get why this may be annoying but if this is a light RP server it's a non issue. As a cop I welcome it, we're not allowed to fight back so if we need to surrender even if the 3 people have rooks then they shouldn't be able to leave us legged 10 minutes away from civilization. Cop rules have literally just been revamped to be more civ sided than ever, the current civ council wants Grand Theft ArmA for the whitelisted factions but wasteland for civs but guess what, if you start pushing for more RP some of it is bound to splash back on you.
  6. sploding

    If you're in Alaska nanook is a pretty cool name based off Inuit mythology. Personally you can't go wrong with mythology based names, I have a 2 year old mali named Atlas and Greco Roman mythology has some pretty cool names.
  7. sploding

    If you need someone feel free to reach out to me. I don't really know you but I'm here to listen if that's what you need.
  8. sploding

    I didn't give him the name of the server but yeah, there was a donor reward that was really sketch so I went to see it was compliant. I love Olympus but selling in game rewards for donations that give an advantage is scummy and hurts everyone. I don't regret it because the ToS are clear and if the server chooses to break it they deserve to lose monetization. Olympus got shut down over the legacy donor bullshit and it's objectively better for it.
  9. sploding

    I've talked to BI legal before extensively about monetization while helping another server and I've even contacted them when Olympus was doing some sketchy shit. BI has issues with selling money because it gives a direct in game advantage and if it's not outright banned server owners can abuse it to circumvent the policy (e.g. donating 100$ for a rank and the server owner just so happens to give you 50 mil as a token of appreciation as a friend and totally not staff) and it gives admins a to make unlimited gains. This isn't against the TOS because while the player will gain an in-game advantage it's no different than receiving 5 mil for selling a ghwak you won in a raffle or flying lessons.
  10. sploding

    I recently had to write a 5000 word thesis so I'm all tuckered out writing wise but if you want I'll gladly review whatever you can come up with and spice up the language like I usually do for my friends.
  11. sploding

    From what I was told the APD is still independent from civ council and ultimately answers only to senior staff/ Ares, this was closer to warning them out of courtesy and asking for feedback than a legally binding vote.
  12. sploding

    APD finna raid warzone in tractors with kozlice's
  13. sploding

    Tis but a scratch
  14. While it would be awesome the only way to do this in vanilla would be a Frankenstein pushbar using attach to command. And given how ArmA performs it would probably cause more issues than fixes. Hopefully ArmA 4 has a developed civ faction and better vehicle and collision physics.

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