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  1. You may know who may not but i went on a break a long time ago and im trying to come back
  2. So I am going to take a 1 year break from in game I apologize to grego Ed and @Bralls I am going to finish going through what I am going through I will miss you guys but it is for the better have fun wile I’m gone also who wants my money houses and cars pm me when I come back things will be different I well still be active in forms and ts but not in game I sure will miss all of you good by guys Comment if you think it is smart
  3. Look all of you I love you all as friends and I’m sorry for my toxic stuff and I am sorry to everyone and I am going to take a month break come back with a new me see you boys next month I ol still be form active Sorry to Ed Millennium I hope we still cool I’m sorry see you next month Same with you I am going through a rough time right now that’s why I’m toxic Ed knows and I well get through this and come back I’m still sosossoso sorry Thanks guys who have to deal with me
  4. I put an ban appl the admin shows me the link of the video and puts it on waiting my replie cuz i did not know what i did so than i put and then it goes back to open What I did was wrong I’m sorry I well make sure to be on high rp from now on I’m wiling to pay I have off school tomorrow and I just want to play
  5. who is you


    1. MrRylexx


      Don’t post on my profile retard, if you wanna talk... I wanna hear 10th grade English!



    can a 13 year old make the RNR
  7. so i get unpermed and then i join and it says im still permed bye a seprat admin
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