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  1. Everyone change your name to your favourite ARMA 3 frag master

    1. andrewfam


      can i be pe7e? xxxx

    2. Jaconite


      Hey guys Jaconite here

  2. eyo give me my rep back, bitch asses

  3. By any chance will a spreadsheet be released with all the gang wars stats like kills and deaths for those who competed? If I remember correctly there was one, two gang wars ago and it t was petty cool 

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    2. Bow


      What's incorrect on it? Something for @Goodman and @TheCmdrRex to change?

    3. Pablo


      I messaged goodman lastnight most  of the rosters need tweaked

    4. Goodman


      I am done school Tuesday. Expect it soon after. As well as this.

  4. skavenpete

    Idk why you mongs are arguing over this it's a game go have a shower ffs
  5. skavenpete

    I'm going to poop on your entire gang
  6. Hello world yes I'm still alive I've just had exams please don't kick me from the apd ye bastards

    1. Phizx


      Send in an absence request or tell a higher up, otherwise you'll probably be removed.

    2. skavenpete


      You keep talking in all caps and you gonna catch these hands son @G.O.A.T.

  7. I wonder if I'm the only one that noticed that Pete has 69million rep Edit: oops just noticed the status below feel like a idiot smh

    Edited by tim2
  8. 2fca331cad88ff67dcbcd2bcb61583a6.png

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    2. Augustus
    3. Linka


      4 minutes ago, Augustus said:

      tragic v2

      The light side of tragic lol

    4. Metro


      I dont want to no balls Gary  again @Grandma Gary

      give me more rep I need it :)

      Edited by Rogue
  9. skavenpete

    Nice pic looks broken
  10. skavenpete

    Cost to purchase? 5 million One per server or just one between the two? 1 per gang Initial storage capacity 2500 Number of upgrades able to be done & associated storage capacity and price per level. 5000 and 7500 2million each Initial crate number 1 Ability to add additional crates? (i.e. can purchase more "crate storage slots" (would be a new feature)) 2 and 3 Gang level required to access Arma crates (if desired) 3/4 Gang level required to access virtual items (Y Menu - Inventory) (if desired) 2 Required number of gang members to purchase a shed, if any? 10 Activity Requirement to maintain shed ownership? (Only owner can sell at this time...) 1 once a week Have the OWNER be online every so often like current house system yes Require gang to pay a "monthly upkeep" no lol
  11. skavenpete

    Someone who isn't getting unbanned: your bitch ass take a fuckin seat
  12. skavenpete


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