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Ever wonder how many hackers didn't get a chance to ruin your fun?

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Here's the list of script kiddies from the last 30 days only:

[BoS]hunter ( 5ed32ed9a963b121a47199c2d7a5903d
64bit ( ec93447fc0ba3f9e9d209c7f2f2569cb
a saggy scrotum ( e9ac2e119f20fb00540d62380e8fcc4f
Adolf Shitler ( d94b503b2453e5dace0b7265a7afa757
aFeller ( b3bcb9bbb61e683daa2cc0926f30f156
Andre ( 46961555016776a45386a78dc50a1adf
Andrew ( 4d183fa186e24f2da2e50d7d82fb2777
Andrew ( d3dd446a631e81f27f6d57fde9fe93ec
angela pinardi ( 7728e6d2b21a7286a7b8cccbf3571972
anonymous ( 21c2a1985e705e37125339516f0c7a27
Antas Rm ( 3e0e9a3e654cd2344a1eae91c728a84e
Azrael ( bc88d9bb97a94a4a79bf7c5cebdf5a80
Barbixa ( 4e0d5feef9fbc7bcd9215f8655d4ca4e
Baron ( 8a9b26b78e0eacf30b0cf22236b68a8c
Ben ( e7306755fe649f3dc01caec86560e0ce
Benjamin Bernanke ( 035c10c5309c4414f2bb864ba98705db
benny ( 9d8377bb7501d23f0be7b055cc45b7e5
Berens ( ca12aa1e2aef6079c50ca0f611579928
Big L ( a27b374f0d7f071be7feb10caf5097d7
billy ( 33200b94d0523d2fb794d4d6121bd605
billy ( 7b10ff991f106618f8e70de31ee50f59
blake ( 47f4f2658594366395961fc504c1c0d8
Bob ( aa2e85100ddbc9054da6b2fc6252bae6
Booford Pusser ( 92450a90307f1ef7eac632aa70035244
Brody ( 72708e8c4eedc8cb46d465c68e37efe3
CallMeHosey ( 6c92a6e1a077743c8d971b4a0f7e77c3
CHIEF KEEF ( 07bc6450aa274a468c62d0b216afe0fd
CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ( 91279f636fd91643e30e3cfcbb5265fd
chronicXknight ( 8a06eb624486b0bce05609658fbfac31
Cody Rae ( 2e3921da45488f18c1757aa9386b55fb
Conan the Barbarian ( 03f8f87321c6aadd3e8c7d0d4ab8c177
Cortix ( c2c33aa9fa8163322c15adfe1a20abf7
Cortlin ( 7d76f170d153272d08b3e859765a2d82
Culaslaw ( a35ebce09bed08e08cb1365ea75b320d
danceswith ( 21850593e7678c602589386d968b58a0
Daniel ( 68ec002a3d7a63b7c07342a3d036deda
Debian ( e3b1710e9bf9f77255ee69651c7a8681
DisOnwed ( 8caf6aeb06eaf4ac484b3d93bcb769aa
Dominic Pace ( 9f2c270f62c91ad28850ca9724bd8490
dsdf555 ( f748a21690a72e862b7ee71c4090a944
dudu ( f6f62bac7dddd7589e244e5e2dcb882d
Dylan ( ea109e2a8a4fd979d5889e6b9aab7524
Eat My Cowboy ( d3903ee4f99b3fa06b3fd135c0f416b2
ElemKay ( 33a1014e96dbe45eaa189ba70476f43a
Elskavar ( f3e998916a889d1e6e7fd79bf2a75b65
El_Burro ( 1ff1721dc9192aaad92ca71ad6064b5e
Evan ( 4e72ae3832ec5eb354198aafca3c660e
Evilteddy ( 92fd587125fa5d7760b98875e77b705e
ForeverAtrocious ( 6c5ba899f32190877e544c2b5ddc7daf
Frank Costello ( 3d2653645214744c70eaefe1871125be
G. Gerhard ( 2d64c4a6db1da2fc1d7b59ccefeb83de
Gabton ( ca0720327fd2dd862029db7258e76104
Garrett Salvetti ( 63f14030bf1954831ca1db63cc591a94
Gebi ( cb50409317f7fe009f3fc76c4dbb93b8
Geovanny ( ee5a8155853dcd51b7d46b2790d221d6
Global Elite ( 634f0573bca2cbce650410744cf31739
HandsomeboyNoBB ( b5c87cd94d760bdc5c2f655b4f19b012
Havanna ElLama ( b29db2d1596fceaf452e18c2003ec604
Home ( 96ae46138a1fa9bd3e5397a0b815932f
Homles ( 5c92c537c82d81ac54ed44cbbe75fc06
Hubert Brateev ( bf651ac41263c748b7a8133fa603ea4e
Huebert ( fb88519222b136e87ac053f3b4ea138f
Igor Benshrovsky ( 3a5661c9cc3e6fcfde52d1b302b51128
Isaac Bours ( 93c65cf9584e8086a6a2630ccb52f5c4
Jack ( 5f323a1a5c90a5bd5308cdf19ac9837c
jack_1080p ( e1831cbc4223bfbebb98033fb9e606f3
jan ( 057fec9b6510a611a46adfad421407a5
Jeff Thorn ( c0564e48e06d171f04fd20a089051038
Jimmy Bulmer ( 550c1ff9b7ac5b8aead343fd36ff6373
john ( 5a6eb6e4093df1fe0c85871a5c313b10
johnbeastboy ( 818de58f17bff0ef7a938b5fc7dbb515
Jordy ( 3a1372407e68e01b567d11e511ca18e2
Kamel Wari  ( 28bb081298aaaee09b0b1eff732d966d
kegan ( 2f4452057696b09990f02835f4c6a065
kiwi800 ( 87adac7ec08334049357d986ef1136c0
Kut ( 9543112da7607e6fb80bc0b6a674e0a9
LaidTV ( f94741528846f854575b651df7c0d91e
LarryTheKing ( 13f285da646a7785bf719e44bc0cec09
Lee627 ( f8e02741db6f8feef43b291a662489d6
LeftSideJ ( 9814539a8e89d912ffcb4560cbe1cbaa
LmK ( 1b0bb487abee162b8572f3d572b86686
LOLYOUCSGO 3f131594f547a7e3a8e08e7990bdec30
lowey117 ( 9694f3f221609ca8fac86043ac1a3686
Makelsoulski ( 526e7978cd17e3948784905b7166e7ed
Marcus ( 2fd791ba9995a9c7ddf9826ab106f7fb
Mark Webber ( 3b3d4aa10b6ee58de4e54aff6a29166e
matjo9 ( c6b2f828f9abf361e055600d07d04569
Maxim ( 8cea8b7adb0ccc633dc52aabcd459660
mentos ( 43fe592892644810cf0a72fba78b1253
Mihal_Palich ( 60a578fcbcf0d4c8eb0473826df8023a
MIhauu ( 035aba2f58367f907ad02aaabdfa4dae
Moby Kenobi ( 0eba791ca0b2768d46be32795ddce8b8
Mr. ken ( 7174dfdd2a1f9d26497dd57de648c902
Mr. Terabyte ( f4a492ed35a8d35ae64de7555de520d9
n3h ( d018da78cc337575de88dac37ae28c58
NexusCinima ( db16012fa866c9407ad773268864d87f
Nick ( 4147067e8289d8a7319bdf9e1256e374
nicolas ( ee591e06f0906dfc5fe5f746861cdb01
NinjaChicken ( 8dfb63856a83969e9ac5ee3e0a5f36c6
Noah ( 3bedc5d9e794b9e13efbc7f3b7245fdb
Noah ( 8dc18481c62c71331750a2a2986944aa
Noxxium ( 59ff977c1c4837a386d6491b4aa30534
opa ( 642b29390c1d51a725cb380ec7d6a971
Parker ( c101ef9f456cc9690ae215dd64c4694c
Philipp ( e3020cc2ad52df71f2db473a90848929
Pilot Thai airway ( c79ac877e23934bd5cdb1343d8a0841b
PLAYER 2 ( 04678123325081316151e54b88b061d2
PLAYER AAAAAAAA ( 60939428394c8d668a36391a4c2f379e
PolarBear ( 7c93b6e8e9a6623719d8651e5dea3ff1
Queef ( 09364cd4eec10014d932969f97326e94
Recker ( d85f5648b91a285d0f4d48a982a021ff
rengar ( fe4a51951466ce1fc29d86c5ac541156
Ricky Nixon ( 0b6f2d0eccb86c848ad5d73a63ddee44
Sabin ( 207735fff437d83a706eaaa2a276b697
Salami ( 3cf5cc3098bd1f117f3f6990a8bd4d0a
Scratchy ( 60cce07c793ea91d314e8beea64f32de
Seth ( 6c5c552e2cd29543a8c310ca7c6e86d6 
Sgt Douche ( 831ab082863d605593204c976ea0a719
Shane ( ec3499e1959fd953111a844676afc136
Shopcars ( 1589e5332d93f032567b73e4617c9e82
Sidrilia ( 734fb434c57a32cce5e7e2ee01321445
Skips ( 5276f233ff8c9ecf260a38b42ca80a13
Smith ( 6554254368f030250370234fa9139dae
Staz ( a6a19a7bacf0a166b99e2d537f6b48b4
steph ( e9bee81eddd1e00216d9b9d1569455a6
Tamoza ( ba8fc79c3f4a235186f05ef8aba6aaea
The Mon ( cd6573ebd8b81cee01afa7ca03fa05bb
TheFish ( 014fd4461d2e893dfdaf40b48dc99795
Tony ( 34ca74065061e2805a4c93cc65696549
Trigguh ( 7d3b9a1f2bdd4b58301c6c5d6f5725a7
tufei ( cea3d88c996ec2483741ed18f9e960c6
TwinShot ( e1c0b6f83a08d49397de2bc49d9fa92b
Witt ( f67b55e9f21291530bf23840a334d6b9
xMxxz ( 4bcdad132c50e26e96c50f7b8bf6f8d7
ZeuS ( cbf4c5421e67c2a11b8cc4a5a5fd7e83
Zhi ( 3765120df229c4d76cd974e9c314335c
[-One-] Zillas ( 1f8fb8a33d3900bc6fce387417c8b72e
[HS]-T Matrsd ( 2b1b68ac246953f0b2cab871b3a955c2
[TRF] Clay ( 4d2232fb8e31743bdd4b0a9fe61cd601

And that's not even all of them, it's just the ones I was certain of :P

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In all seriousness, I was aware that people attempt to hack or just spoil the server, but not that many, and especially not if there's still more. Thanks, Poseidon and OS c:

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See I am not one of them! Please spread the word holy.


Edit: Crap didnt see the disclaimer "And that's not even all of them, it's just the ones I was certain of". Guess I need another week off to keep ahead of detection Kappa.

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Normally this is when I'd put the Michael Jackson eating popcorn gif in... but this isn't even entertaining. Everyone grow up and get the rulers away from your e-dicks...



am i the only one that has no problem with poker? :/


Also, I HAD no problem with Poker up until he broadcasted a way to screw with the servers, which is a big no no in any book. That could effectively screw with everyone here, not just Poseidon.

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Well first of all they have to find an undetected way to execute that script. Which isn't easy. 

Also, Poseidon giving away IPs, even though I am using a VPN, is both Illegal and immoral. So fuck him and his shit AntiHack.


You sir are laughable.  There is about as much illegal with giving out a IP address as there is a phone number.  IP addresses can be looked up with a simple Google Search to see who's using them, what city and what state they are located in.

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See I am not one of them! Please spread the word holy.


Edit: Crap didnt see the disclaimer "And that's not even all of them, it's just the ones I was certain of". Guess I need another week off to keep ahead of detection Kappa.

Confirmed Virus is 64bit he told me so Kappa #comporban

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