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Here's a bright idea.


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Now, before I say this, I ask you all keep an open mind before downvoting and/or shitposting.

I've been considering this post for a while now, and trying to see the pros and cons to this idea, and I feel like I've thought it out enough to finally post this.

Enter the APD Department of Corrections, open to PO+ by application, requiring them to stay in/around Pyrgos at all times unless a federal event occurs.

The jail on Olympus is boring. Allowing people to sit in jail without interaction is boring. Picking contraband is boring.

Introducing a Corrections Officer system into the APD would foster roleplay in the Jail, it would bolster security and provide an early warning for an already BEYOND civ-stacked event, and it would make going to jail more bearable, as long as the officers aren't toxic.


No, this couldn't be a stacked group... it's literally a PO whitelist with access to the jail.


  1. We all joined the APD to "roleplay." What better way to roleplay than to force people to talk to you when they're sent to jail?
  2. Being realistic, there are too many cops. This would spread the cop force's numbers, and would ultimately benefit the APD and the server, maybe encouraging people to do more runs since the cop force would (hopefully) have less people on patrols and more people focused in one area.
  3. On modded servers, people do jailbreaks just for the fun of them, and I definitely see this as a possibility on Olympus.
  4. CARTELS. Everything relates back to cartels. Nobody wants to sit in jail for 30 minutes because of a vigilante, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad if a PO could let you walk around the dome, and maybe you could try to walk off the island... nothing's more fun!
  5. Vigilante outposts (save for Kavala... that's too long of a drive) could have their ability to send people to jail taken away, and vigis could have to drive people to the jail, call it "changing custody" walking them up to jail and windows keying on the suspect.) This is a work in progress, but it could bring a much needed nerf to vigis.
  6. It could POSSIBLY come with a revamp to the jail... maybe some bar gates, an updated exterior and interior, etc. (Though the devs do have a lot on their plate).
  7. This could really benefit Pyrgos. Seeing an increase of players at Pyrgos could be really good for the server. Maybe "Pyrgos scatting" could become a thing too ;^)

italics are just to differentiate between reasons.

if you'd like to see more added, let me know.


  1. Cops would have to be VERY patient to sit in a jail with nobody there and nobody on the server.

  2. Cops wouldn't be able to leave Pyrgos, which again, gets VERY boring.

  3. Devs have a lot on their plate, and this could just be busy work for them.

  4. Vigis could be too lazy and would have to try new things (if sending @ vigi outposts was removed). Oh no. So sad.

  5. Jails would become (maybe) 5% less civ-sided. Oh no.

  6. These officers would still be able to attend other federal events. Damn channel stacks!!!!!

sorry the spacing here is different from the spacing in the pro section. oof.

as always, if you'd like to see more added, let me know.


Keep an open mind, and feel free to send feedback!

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