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Headset Reccomendation

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8 minutes ago, JamieWoods said:

What is the difference between the Astro A50 Gen 1 I could buy on ebay for $99 and these $300 ones?

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Logitech blows if your comp is right next to your router because the wireless ones use 2.4ghz and you will hate yourself with them. I forked up the extra cash and got siberia 800's off ebay for $200 new and I like them a lot more than my astro a50's. Crazy sound quality and really comfortable.

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Just now, Augustus said:

I was thinking about buying those a while back. How durable are they?

Ive had it for about a year now, dropped it once. Also didn't notice it was in my chair and sat on it. Still works just fine today.

3 minutes ago, Peter Long said:

I have a pair of Steelseries Siberia 350s i picked up from Best Buy for 50 bucks. I love em, but nothing beats Astros.

You got a good deal on those. Its like 115 bucks on Amazon.

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The real thing you want to think of is this: Will you use the headset mic or not?


I use my headset because of the great sound quality, but it has a shitty mic. I picked up a decent condenser mic from amazon for 40 bucks, and I have a $110 headset (which i paid 50 for). If you use a standalone mic, then you can spend more on a higher quality sound headset. 

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52 minutes ago, Brennan said:

What is the difference between the Astro A50 Gen 1 I could buy on ebay for $99 and these $300 ones?

There is not really a difference between the one you bought and the one I linked besides the newer one has an amp with 3 EQ modes

your one was definitely the smarter option

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30 minutes ago, Augustus said:

I was thinking about buying those a while back. How durable are they?

I also have a pair and they are champs. I use them for my ps4, xbox, and pc gaming. Have been slightly abused and have withstood a couple of moves and never a single issue. The surround sound option is pretty dope too. Youd be surprised how many sounds and directions in arma you are missing. (arma doesn't take advantage of 7.1 but it still helps)

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2 hours ago, Brennan said:

@Corporal_moob informed me a while back that I am using the same brand head phones as Vodafone's call centers (Plantronics). I do not feel comfortable with this and I would like to upgrade.

Give me your best suggestions.

i was trying to decide this about 4 months ago. dont pay 110 or 120 or maybe less around 80-90 for a headset.  I personally found these to be shitty. What I did was buy a standalone mic called a blue snowball. You can get these on amazon for about 40-60 bucks depending on the color. For my headphones I chose Sennheiser HD 518 (black), u can also get these on amazon. These cost anywhere from 55-75 bucks. So if u add the 2 together its about the same maybe a little bit more that a headset. This will be better quality in every way. Hearing and mic. Highly highly recommend .


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2 hours ago, Rusty said:

astro a40's


31 minutes ago, Gidgit said:

I am using a set of Astro A40's. Best set ive ever had. Ive had them going on 2 years and they still work pretty amazing. Best 150 i ever spent on head phones

Yep yep yep.

Also have Astro A40's and they're great.


Before that I was using Turtle Beach headsets. Went through 2 of them. Lasted 1 year each and started fucking up. Astro A40's have lasted over a year by now I think. A50's are wireless, which is why I steer clear of them. But @Corporal_moob swears by the A50's. I think he's retarded tho.

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