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  1. donttagmeinshitifidontknowyou.
  2. maybe the cops should get a little better?
  3. its amazing to counter the cops and the cops want it removed already its fucking bullshit we restrain one cop and they can all come back with lethals its fair
  4. were giving them a taste of there own I love it now its not op it even tbh now taze us before we can taze you the cops don't like getting tazed? then win the fight https://gyazo.com/85d8e40c1035e88c8748e8243d478552 https://gyazo.com/85d8e40c1035e88c8748e8243d478552
  5. yeah they should remove it kappa #gotem
  6. 3 MAGS
  7. If interested in any BW gear I have please add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198128186268/ https://gyazo.com/6912c4285598a4be95ba7aca9526b25f https://gyazo.com/f46877dfaaf6ce26f95c2530e01dc729 https://gyazo.com/fdc6743557c2808fefcf72a09c215dcd https://gyazo.com/f544e49cbb218329f6efce391f0cf490
  8. never said your hacking and actually mean it chill with the ego
  9. - Thug I just wanna say great job everyone in gang wars tonight everyone did great, but im gonna give a big thanks to @peterlong For hosting this gang wars it was great! also mc put up a great fight I was glad we got to fight them even tho we lost they did a great job and took the w. This server is great and the admins are great. Great job everyone
  10. didn't M die?
  11. Lil Bill Savage Joel Shamless Chino Jazzy Fusion Excison Matt The savage Designer King White Geo Alan SLim/Lil will Rogue >>>Extra’s<<< Lablanc Hennesey Ranger191 Professor Finesser
  12. tell me it wouldn't be amazing....
  13. Just a Thought, Who els thinks this server would be amazing with defibrillator's? I think we should have them because everyone hates waiting for medics at a cartel fight if they win/lose I think defibrillator's should be like 50k and it takes like 2 min to rev someone so you cant rev during fights its like right after you get to revive you're friend instead of telling a medic you will give him 1 mill to revive you're friends only at a cartel, Anyone agree?
  14. never said it in my life.
  15. you will forever be my cousin ok dad?