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  1. o7 Now lets see if he makes gang wars spawns even for both teams FAT ASS
  2. Name: 1tapwonder Reason: My ego is bigger that Dabesteva
  3. You can kill two people? PLEASE TEACH ME
  4. I'm having a few problems with the ts update, when i go to join i get this message. "The TSDNS server (insert ts ip) does not know (insert ts ip)
  5. #bringbackfatclemenza
  6. Sick Barnacles or some shit
  7. +1
  8. I hope my whole life just crumbles in 2017
  9. Got a dope 18 inch dildo
  10. Riddle 5 = Looks like rain, Dear
  11. Just get a better SSD
  12. Such a amazing story +1
  13. Exactly what i'm thinking lmao
  14. good shit