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  1. the day i vigilante rps with me and knows the full extend of rules then talk to me
  2. Alright it has come to my attention after idk how long that my profile has been abused by the Olympus staff. I am making a complaint here with proof of abuse I want to know which one of you staff members did this to me if you have the ballz
  3. yadhtrib yppaH @DaneG

    1. DaneG


      Thanks man! :P 

  4. dont fucking quote me
  5. Server wipe would be fun. people have millions of money that they dont even need. So instead of saying fuck no, hell no. >WHY<
  6. I have head people talking about wanting another server wipe. what do you guys think of it
  7. police

    we need rules and regulations on blind folds.
  8. People are so fucking toxic.

    Honestly, grow the fuck up.

    Play the game and have fun.

    Dont go trying to roast kids.

    on an extreme level,

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Matt The Savage
    3. Redmer


      Mfw you always shittalk about mc bots and now make this post -_-

    4. buckie


      roasting people is Fun

  9. New cartels, Auction house, arms dealer?? add this to make olympus great again not a fucking trump shirt
  10. fail

    ignore the plebs above just do as @Ajax stated above Go to http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ and submit a player&comp request and wait for a staff member to reply please also add 5-6 minutes of evidence.
  11. Well looks like I will have some testing to do
  12. is that all of them