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  1. I am unrestricted now


    1. Show previous comments  1 more


      Lol, how long was it?

    3. ScreaM


      I got restricted because I -1ed a friend as a joke. Ill try not to Kim Jong @Tman15tmb

      Edit: idk what dangus said since I have him blocked so ill take a guess to what he said and just say thanks!!!

    4. Joel


      I'm also free Scream.

      Couldnt find any free slave music though.

  2. AHK

    and who the fuck are you? lay off my boy @Grenade69 he will rip your head off 100% of the time he shoots at you. go learn how to pull down your mouse normally you fucking idiot
  3. I got 2, so I should need 1 more. I believe I saw 4 squares for me
  4. submitted qt
  5. I have some friends down there. Pretty big party school, right?
  6. I'm at Cleveland state
  7. hey juicebox boy, go get me a juicebox
  8. @AndrewFam smells like cheese tho Also @Snare worships a damn TREE DAMMIT NOW I HAVE TO EDIT MY POST SINCE YOU MENTIONED ME thanks bud much love @Loopz
  9. I made it :17. Turned it off once I saw it was 15 minutes
  10. What does days won mean????????

    1. Nikoteen


      How much rep you get in one day. New cool feature they add a few weeks ago I think?

      Edited by Nikoteen
    2. ScreaM


      but it says days won not average rep

    3. Nikoteen


      The most Rep (Likes) you get in a day more then anyone else for example, McDlido has 64 or something so that mean he had more Rep (Likes) for a hole day then anyone else so it gives you a "Days won" count on your profile.

  11. oh my god you savage
  12. ill correct your spelling for 1 pair