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  1. You realize people still have hundreds of these they're selling for 50k each. no one will buy for 300k just so you know.
  2. Or a is very strong. And if you're a good enough pilot, which Solomon is, you can fly in quick enough before too much damage is done to the tail rotor. Engine is very difficult to shoot out.
  3. But the problem is, every fed and blackwater since this has been released has been a success pretty much because it is impossible for cops and a walk in fucking Central Park. If civs bring takers, they'll win unless multiple Sr's get on.
  4. That is correct edge. Confirmed it with several mods throughout the last couple days. You're clearly not understanding the problem. Cops are allowed to go back anyway if someone gets tazed or restrained in a red zone. And they can already kill the cops in each wave so gazing them in each wave does not deserve millions of dollars, millions of dollars worth of guns or letting serial killers escape. That's dumb as shit to be honest with you. Very poorly thought out idea imo.
  5. Don't ask me. I've seen several screenshots of over 3 cops restrained. One had 6 fucking cops restrained.
  6. How can we rescue 3-4 cops with 1-2 cops?
  7. I'm saying that people will be bringing reaching tactics to fed and sit 100 meters out from the wall and they wait and hide, then when the wave gets in they rush behind and taze all the cops and bam, there goes 5 cops. Its dumb that 10 rebels can fight 5 cops and taze and restrain 3-4 of them for 3/4 of the fed.
  8. It's not fine. It's retarted, sorry, trigger word. No but, I've seen 7 pictures myself of different cops being gazed and restrained at a fed/BW. Like, that is so dumb. A person can sit in reeds and a second someone shows up to the gate you taze and restrain them. I think that's dumb as fuck. Either remove that or remove something. I haven't gotten on cop in a while cause I've been very busy, but I have no intention of getting on cop for Feds/BW if I'm just gonna get taxed and restrained for 15 minutes.
  9. Hehe. About that... oops classified
  10. BTW, forgot to mention earlier but, I am really excited to be apart of the News Team and love the overwhelming excitement and potential it has. So far, all of us Sr's (I guess that's what head News Team members are called...) have worked well together and ideas for things are coming together. Can't wait to officially start releasing some stuff and more information to the rest of the community.
  11. lol. Doesn't mean we have to interview you though.
  12. Like me!!! my nince bold name! A fancy room named "Dangusdean's Room of Shitty Posts"!! And best of all...... The totally used forums for VIP's!!!
  13. FUCK YOUR DAMN DATE!!! 2/19/2017