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  1. Didn't like cooken get rdm'd then? I don't really remember.
  2. I <3 baklava for dessert!!! It's honestly so good!!!
  3. Hhmmm. No but put a pinned post in by an admin or something that explains that blindfolds can be removed by pressing 'i' then removing the stealth balaclava from its slot. and that it will not be removed automatically when unrestrained because it can be funny RP if someone is running around blindfolded. It's very simple for people to work things out themselves, but clearly they haven't, so I think there should be a pinned thread saying "press 'i' then remove stealth balaclava thing, and no it will not be automatically taken off of you when you're unrestrained." Because people keep making threads and status updates saying they don't know how to remove their blindfolds so they surrender. then they beg the devs to have it get removed when unrestrained. BTW this sucks being moderated, like I can't just instantly respond and have a quick talk with anyone. But I guess I did something wrong to deserve it, but yeah... it sucks
  4. Can we get some mass message to people saying that if unrestrained, to remove the blindfold you press I then pull it off. People seem to not have gotten the message. Shouldn't be automatic when unrestrained cause it's really funny watching people run around like they have their head cut off. Just put a pinned post in general chit chat or something. I have already been annoyed by all the people who don't know how to take it off.
  5. *cough* meta *cough* lol, love ya dash, I didn't leave vx cause of you. <3ubb
  6. Hi I'm dangusdean, if you see this post, thank you (fill in name if you unhid this post). If you see me, feel free to rdm me if you want, I can't record anyway. I am also the forum shitter wait, I'm moderated, can't swear. If you see my posts, don't agree with them, you'll be bashed for liking my ideas. Also, I am potato at this game so if you see me, you already won the fight. The staff will tell you to always report people cause they hate dealing with bitches whiners who complain about being rdm'd. Welcome to Olympus!
  7. police

    It is only really useful during transport to an unknown HQ. If we pick someone up at meth, then we can go to any of 4 HQ's and they won't know. If I'm in Kavala, then I'll obviously only be going to Kavala HQ. bow, I get your point, "they'll get banned and yeah". But 1. I don't want to have to fill out reports and worry about reporting, I just want it to not happen, and 2. Many people can't record so all that happens is they get away and you get jack shit and 3. You can't prove they were meta gaming. They can say it was a lucky guess and you'll have no way of knowing if there truthful or not. Im also the only person I've seen get banned for meta gaming, it got lifted. I mean I just never see dipole get banned for it. More people get banned for hacking then meta gaming. Like huh? Idk I'm just tired rn and took a final.
  8. Nah. There was a week where all of us did feds like 4 days in a row. Some days we had 6 or 7 people and would fend off cops for several waves. Then when we thought we might lose, we left. Almost no one got caught in all of those feds we did. We had a lot of fun, especially when they used their striders and hunters against us and we still fended them off. People just need to stop being pussies and worrying about losing a fight or two. That happens. You don't see sports teams cancel a game cause they have a couple more people injured than the other team. No, they fight through the hard fight. I was on cop, and my gang fled in some quilins and was tailed the whole way by a scout plane. We never caught any of them cause they were smart about it and kept running. Then they hid from us and got picked up in a heli and left. No one got tazed, and no cops died, but it was a solid 20-25 minute chase. I had fun trying to catch them, and i bet it was fun for them. People just need to be smarter with their fights and not be pussies. So what they have 2-3 more people, if you play smart and work together, you can easily win fights.
  9. What he said. That's worked for everyone with recent ts update.
  10. *bang bang* 911 dispatch: We have shots fired on the forums, we have shots fired!
  11. Yeah, I can tell you're high... lol. But I just wish something could be given to people who donated after monetization rules. Like, we could be given a car skin or something cool. I plan to donate 50 every month hopefully for a while, and sadly, I probably won't get anything out of it i don't think.
  12. Cool. can people use punctuation and non alphabet as long as there's some letter representing the gang or something?
  13. They tried going around you, but they hit your rotor. It's also your fault for putting it near a bend people would speed around. You also could have spooled up and taken off a lot quicker than you did. All in all... it's kind of your fault nearly entirely. I wouldn't have said this. ^^^^. Besides, if it's intentional, you'll get banned. Also, if you have a problem with how the admins handled something, talk with them. They'll explain it further if you need to. Don't bring this to the forums, won't do anything except hurt your case.
  14. Rain Drop Drop Top Seriously... please stop stop!!!
  15. So.............. gang tags can't be JUST punctuation? Can't be just stars or dashes? Can it be stars, dashes, or punctuation with like the first letter of your gang in it? I like this a lot. And I like the name thing. But can names be like different languages but? Like can we have Arabian names and like middle eastern, or Chinese names?