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  1. those new gang uniforms are A+ dog shit holy fuck
  2. 07 Budddy @AmericanWaffle gonna miss you man, I hope you do well no matter where you go..0
  3. I don't agree with wanting to remove betting people need their fix and betting is it for people. However better vast amount of money is insane. Tbh it doesn't ruin the economy since the money was already there and got redistributed. I think we should cap betting to maybe like 5-10 mill max per bet. I also think we should maybe put in a casino of some type so people can play games with it. However once you lose that money; it's gone forever helping to protect "the economy."
  4. Yeah man I agree, same with a master toolkit and moving vigi instead of removing it
  5. Wow I'm glad 3 of my ideas were approved
  6. Make me offers for envgs, mar-10, and dms
  7. Still Have envgs-2, zafir, asp and 2 mar-10's
  8. 1 zafir, 1 mk-1 taser, 3 Mar-10's lethals, 1 dms, 1 envg, 1 asp. Also I'd like to sell 345 in big sell or 2. Hit me up with offers. https://gyazo.com/96ef79c5ea2770fb2e649e6445abc385 https://gyazo.com/6d37149fc160981ccbb0547749944ca1 ***Dms and 1 MAR-10 sold
  9. its worth more than 20 mill lmao
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