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  1. Metro

    why the fuck is peter owner what happened to mcdili
  2. Dog shit staff

    1. Eggman


      +1 cuz whoever else is editing this post is a faggot

    2. Dante


      Metro would clearly be better admin 

    3. Arigato
  3. Metro

    You are one real mother fucker You are the shit 07
  4. Metro

    After reseting your hdd you will loose everything, including windows..install windows on the SSD and make. I could tell you you will run out of space and that you should make the hdd a secondary drive to keep bigger files on. Because 500gb will eventually run out
  5. 07 guys its been a long run.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zahzi
    3. Metro


      Channel was locked so its wasn't like anyone was affected. It seems some people can't take a joke. 

      Edited by Metro
    4. JamalJones
  6. when flying a plane and press Y OR esc my throttle starts adjusting itself. help me

    1. SPBojo


      Working as intended, check your keybinds.

    2. Bloodmoon


      When you do that the plane is auto-piloted and avoids terrain but only flies straight.

    3. Metro
  7. fuck me

    rip mac miller 


  8. Metro

    Armed boats are good for when you roll up at turtle zone
  9. Metro

    Could we have it so there is a T4 upgrade where if someone tries to lock pick your vehicle it would send a dispatch to the apd? With location
  10. Metro

    Fix this system! It's rigged for medics
  11. Vote for Matt the cabbage or die you retards

  12. Metro

    if its in kavala or at a non cartel, DB will fight

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