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  1. Does anyone have Assassin's Creed: Origins or *Far Cry 5*

  2. who won?
  3. can anyone link the stream to the gangwars, i never watched it

    1. Twitchy


      Go to Sir_PeterLong - channel on twitch and in his videos should be the recent gang wars.


    2. thor.
  4. thats one way to get likes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Specify what guns you want.
  6. I feel I should Mention @Corporal Moob for his opinion.
  7. Look, I love you man but you just took this to a whole new level of retard.
  8. get a group together and rob a PO or CPL and you can easily get MXM, Type or MX.
  9. Whatever gidgit did I am sure he wasn't thinking straight, I don't know exactly what happened but gidgit is a good man.
  10. so sometimes when i tab out i freeze so i have to either log out and back in or get to task manager if it allows me to using arma 64, fullscreen window, anyone known a fix
  11. If you like action and shooting check out black sails.

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