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  1. Metro

    @Kyle Lake what are you doing?
  2. Metro

    Hitman shit, I remember that one I am a Monopoly G0D
  3. Metro

  4. Happy Birth Day @Maddog

  5. Anyone live in Boston? @Panera

    need a place to stay for a day :)

    1. Ignis


      Panera lives just about an hour away from Boston xd

    2. Panera


      Im in Cambridge now @Ignis

    3. Ignis


      @Panera o shit rip the 603 boys :(

  6. Unban @buckie


  7. If anyone is looking to get Marksmen, Helicopters, Go Karts DLC, ARMA: Cold War Assault, Arma: Gold Edition, Arma Tactics Message me. 

  8. Metro

    When I submit a ticket I never look at it again.
  9. Metro

    I said that?
  10. Metro

    Has anyone died when logging in to the server and been on spawn spawn Island? Have video post it here or post it here
  11. Why the fuck do the BW / FED AA kill you on one hit 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Strikke


      2 minutes ago, Metro said:

      I feel abused? Why u do dis? 

      Idk just memeing

    3. Metro


      I legit don't know how to quote you but eh. Meme Gary 

    4. Strikke


      its kinda gay but to quote you need to go on the little side bar thing and find the status update there and not on your profile. ye ik its gay.

  12. Metro

  13. anyone remember when people made them cringy ass posts 2 years ago *OLYMPUS IS DEAD* *WE NEED A WIPE* *SERVERS DIEING*

    nope we are still here, at are at a strong point

    1. Linka


      olympus died as in gang life. 

    2. Metro


      Compared to 2 years ago yes, but there is still some gang life, I will admit its not as much but then again 

      Initial release date: September 12, 2013
    3. Linka


      it died. the gang life era of constant fights slowly died until it’s practically non existent. No one meant the server as a whole.

  14. Metro

    Ill give you a hunter in exchange for that strider

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