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  1. can this be done for orcas and hawks aswell?
  2. Allow APD hatchbacks (non AHP) to be claimable by civilians @Mr Majestic doesthis go for just hatchbacks or all apd vehicles such as orcas and hawks or suv
  3. Metro

    The APD

    You are retarded
  4. Anyone play miscreated?

    1. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      I have it but I don’t play. It’s just always empty. 

  5. Nerdy dislikes your shit, that's a clear sign that you should fuck off

    1. Claysive


      Yeah I know, Nerdy's opinion means everything to me. Also, @Bloodmoon means the world to me as well. 😞

    2. Metro


      the kids a retard 

    3. Richard
  6. Welcome to the family!

  7. Welcome to the family!

  8. Welcome to the family.

    1. Ziggyuwu


      thank you brother

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