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CS:GO Olympus Gang wars

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Might open a CSGO tourny somewhere between mid-august to end of august, if people are interested. So How many people will actually sign up for this? 

Btw got permission from @Peter Long so this could actually be a thing...

Im also open to suggestions.

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14 hours ago, Aunt Jemima said:

kinguin haiwood?


would be down but how would teams work? submit a roster orrrr? and plz stream ittttt 

Yes what im thinking, is submit a roster of at least 6-7, depending on the number of teams, I might I have to do an off-stream qualifier round. But that's only if we have too many teams signed up. 

And in terms of the actual server, I might host it myself and set it up or use face it or CEVO because of the anti-cheat.

15 hours ago, Mikey Ruth said:

No reward no mikey

rewards will be discussed.

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