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Are you good at driving IRL?


Are you good at driving IRL?  

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  1. 1. Are you good at driving IRL?

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Just now, Chase- said:

Driving is not hard - nearly everybody you have interacted with past the age of 16 years old has the ability to drive. That should ease your mind up a bit - it is easy!

  • The biggest factor on the road is -other- drivers.
  • Do not sit on your phone in the car.
  • Hold your windshield wipers if somebody is tailgating you. The excess will fly with the wind onto their windshield.

Be safe.

if someone is tailgating you put your cruise on and every once and awhile decrease by 1mph until he passes. Has worked for me like twice.

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2 hours ago, Millennium said:

you just gotta be observant. There are a ton of retards that have licenses, so just pay attention to your surroundings and you should be OK.

Also check your blind spots before switching lanes

There are a ton of retards that have licenses

@ Venomm


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  • Senior Admin

This poll perfectly demonstrates the problem with driving. Everyone thinks they are a good driver and statistically half of us must be below average. We are the exact same assholes and idiots that everyone complains about on the road.

Unless you take special driving classes and work hard to be a good driver you will also be an average shitty driver. IMHO if you accept that you will be a safe driver which is much more important.

Know your limits, know that you are not good enough to avoid hitting something if unsafe driving causes an unsafe situation. Instead work to understand what you can do to avoid needing to be a good driver.

Know that everyone makes mistakes, accidents happen, your not a great driver, know what to do when you have a flat, or a dead battery (if you haven't jumped a car or changed a tire go do it, knowing how in theory and actually knowing how are very different)  and enjoy the freedom driving can give you. 

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Yeah I'm a good driver. No but honestly though I think the biggest issue is people dont know the limits of their car (or their own as a driver) and push these limits when its not safe to do so. I learned to drive in heavy snow by taking to a parking lot in a blizzard. Do things like that it can be a fun way to learn what do do without the risk of yourself or others 

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