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Thank you but time to head out

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Dear Community,
To some this may or may not be a good thing. For those that know and have had dealings with me I for the most part hope it was a good experience. For those that haven't had any time with me I am sorry. Over the recent month or so I have debated as to whether I was going to stay on as the Head admin. After much thought I've decided to go ahead and step down from this role. There are a variety of reasons why I have decided to do this but in the end I just feel I'm unable to do the things I need to do as a Head admin. Whether it be due to limits players push or limitation on what I'm able to do to fulfil the role itself. While I love the community and hope it grows I have decided I simple can't do much more then I already have. 
I do hope whoever fills the role at this point is able to continue to help the community grow and become something much bigger and stronger then it is already. There have been many changes, good and bad, since I've started. As of recent a large number of people have returned to Olympus and I hope to see this continue if they are deserving. I hope new and older players alike are able to help each other out when needed. Remember we were all new at one point and someone show'd us the way.
With that I bid you all a fond farewell and wish you the best of luck. To those who have supported me through the almost year and a half, I thank you. I will be sticking around for just a bit longer to help the next person get ready for the role as Head admin. Any questions during that time I am willing to try and answer. Once an official new head admin has been assigned it will hopefully be announced and everyone will welcome them with open arms.
Thank you everyone for the time, it has been a great one.
Jeff aka Hades
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I appreciate all that you've done for the community and the dedication that you've shown, you've devoted countless hours to this community and I can't thank you enough. Hopefully we'll still see you around in game now that you'll have more free time.

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Extremely Saddening. I understand your decision, we all appreciate how tiring it must be, However, we would always be happy for a change of heart, As there are few who could take your place.


[MC] Waves a saddening goodbye. Thanks for everything. 

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Moob has to change his paychecks now.


But on a serious note, even though I had many times I disagreed with you either ingame or on forums I am sorry to see you go. You have done a lot to this community.

You took countless hours of spawnings boats on me, stopping me from reviving by putting me on roof tops or teleporting away when I got you on APD.


Perhaps now, I will be able to say "I sent Hades to jail!"


Goodluck to the next Head Admin, and I hope to see you ingame... Jeff!

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  • Admin

This is very sad news Hades. I understand you though. This is definitely not an easy role and you've done wonders for this community. You dedicated so much time to us. Please stick around and I honestly think you've left the community in good hands. The rest of the staff are also wonderful people and I have no doubts they'll do the best to carry on your work.


Thanks for everything, I wish you the best. 

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  • Admin

I think what he was trying to say is that Olympus will fall without Hades. I mentioned that he left the community in great Hades and I know that won't be the case. I know all of you have this in control and will make the best of it. I do feel we lost a great leader though.  :(

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The community will never be the same. No one can replace you and no one will. I love ya Hades. I really hope everything calms down and we can go back to the old days of giggles and trolling. Kavala will miss the occasional "Frag Out!" Im super sad but I wish you the best in your future endeavors Hades. Your a great person and have done so much for this community, and I am truly grateful. As Head Admin, you were great. Firm when needed but generally a sweetheart. You have always been there if we needed help and I thank you for that. Love ya Hades. See you around :(

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Head admin, for some is just a title. You made it a legacy. A legacy that will live on forever in Olympus. All throughout the great land of Altis you made people tremble just by the sound of your voice. A voice so powerful he once knocked a tree over but also a voice so soothing and loving that that knocked down tree still lives on, just like your legacy, it will never die, and just like 9/11...we will never forget. So goodbye my dearest, you are bannedest, Head Admin Hades - Thomas July 17th 1865. Something I wrote in my former life

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Good bye man, I always respected your thoughts when you had something to reply/say on the forums. Always thought you were a bright person and a great leader. Now stepping down is one thing, but why do you have to leave? 

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Everything that can be said has been said already but I'm going to say it again anyway. You made this community into what it is today with your leadership and dedication, the hours of work behind the scenes all while dealing with the hate and strife thrown at you from so many here seemed only to add fuel to the fire and keep you going to make the experience better for the rest of us. Without you, I honestly don't know how far Olympus would have gone but it appears we are going to find out under the leadership of someone new. Personally I hope that while you step down from your Head Admin position, you at least stay with us and actually play the game. Rarely have I seen you get to enjoy what you worked so hard to make and it would be nice to see that happen, even if it was under a new, secret name. If not, you will be missed but you do what you need to do to help yourself, as your self comes before others.


Peace brother.




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Bojo leaves, and then hades leaves... its a sign.... FAREWELL HADES, IL ALWAYS LOVE YOU <3



but seriusly tho hades, i really will, the people that remains on olympus will never forget about your dedication. we owe you alot mr! hats off! you will be missed...

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