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  1. pilot helmets and range finders.

    Donation goal :P 

  2. if you aren't going to remove csat from rebel add back pilot coveralls because they looked nice imo
  3. tanking is a very bad thing in any competitive shooter.
  4. people would still buy it just draining there banks entirely if there not rich giving rich people an obscene advantage which isn't good for competitive fights. I don't fight arma 3 cartels anymore so i'm just saying what I think is better for you guys. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @McDili test it ingame olympus then people will pay allot more attention to it. I completely agree with you just so ya know
  5. I mean gas could always just get removed but I know the community throws a fit when anyone brings that up :/
  6. Not that I fight on arma 3 anymore but I've always been against price increase everyone is still going to buy them just at more hurt to their wallet.
  7. New chief going to fix this bounty system????? :P @G.O.A.T.

    1. G.O.A.T.


      Whats wrong with it? I'm not seeing what you mean here.

    2. Snare


      haha remember how we were all complaining about how we couldn't take big bounties anymore 

  8. coporal moob Good run mate.
  9. Is this facebook????

    1. platinumfire


      is this real life???

    2. Danger


      This is better than Facebook. The people of Olympus are the ones who really matter.

  10. wait... thats 1100k vs 1000k..... ....
  11. there you go +2 but if it gets deleted then those are going away
  12. +1 https://gyazo.com/e8a9c9ba6468090aee925890c2fb564e as long as you let me post this up here otherwise -10
  13. tbch this game is awful.
  14. LOL.
  15. apd