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  1. Ill pay alot for . How much
  2. Anybody have any garages for sale ?

    1. Dejay


      server 1 kavala rebel garage, 20m

  3. Anyone selling a Pygros rebel garage ? Will pay top dollar .

  4. Anyone selling garages close to any rebel outpost ? I'll pay top dollar for one. 

  5. That moment when u want to have a friendly fight with  1 other gang then every gang on the sever including APD shows up :bigcheef:

    1. G.O.A.T.


      that moment when you got swooped by a jetski

    2. BlackJack
    3. Strafe


      Was fun though.

  6. When someone Is available. Be patient.Don't message any Senior R&R about it , as it may decrease the chances of u getting ur interview .
  7. How much for the lethal MX?
  8. Anybody have a garage close to athira or other rebel ?? 

  9. v was fun . Catch me in Kavala now boyssssss !!

  10. @CommanderSuki Be my one & only Valentine :mellow:?

    Edited by BlackJack
    1. CommanderSuki


      I am currently not in possession of a heart warm enough to love and will therefore have to decline your generous offer :FeelsBad:

      Didn't even get me flowers and chocolate :(

    2. BlackJack


      @CommanderSuki Actually I did I was just waiting for you response if u want to me mine roe not :(


    3. CommanderSuki
  11. Can someone plz remove one of the topics I started plz thx :)

    1. TheCmdrRex
    2. BlackJack


      @TheCmdrRex how did u like that headshot ?

  12. wow i guess what i did for u 2 yrs ago doesnt matter