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Everything posted by Augustus

  2. Will buy 6 Pilot Coveralls for 650k
  3. just the old hospital with no props, just building and a single NPC
  4. Happy (early) birthday 7om

  5. mk18 easily one or two shots any rank below sergeant, and there's only like 19 people that are equivalent to civilians in the APD. If you are having trouble dealing with deputies with a fucking VERMIN and a paper vest, you'd be better off quitting ARMA.
  6. oh, I see how it is
  7. Cartel update is pretty sweet! Nicely done to everyone who worked on it :wub:

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    2. Augustus


      37 minutes ago, Kanger said:

      Mfw old sofia rebel is a cartel now...

      That's way too close to Sofia rebel. No idea why they didn't just do ghost hotel

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Ghost hotel wasn't a popular spot to fight for numerous reasons.

    4. Orgondo


      Ghost Hotel can burn in hell

  8. 600K for the gun itself. No bipod.
  9. can we get a donation goal pls

    1. Jesse


      There isn't one.

      Donated 1/2 the goal for no goal.

    2. Bow


      Donation goal should be that there will be a donation goal next month :Kappa:

    3. Jesse


      11 minutes ago, Bow said:

      Donation goal should be that there will be a donation goal next month :Kappa:

      You get it.

  10. Grandma filling a taru bench with MC and VX and crashing it in Kavala HQ
  11. hospitals If the servers are located in different locations, could cause you to have more desync, but otherwise that doesn't really make sense to me.
  12. On the directory in the messages it says [Cop] right next to their name, and on the map player list, there are blue squares for cops. Not necessary.
  13. VXOS :4head:

    Grats @DanteFleury, well deserved :wub:

    1. Corporal_moob


      Former MC Staff members: 8

      Former VX Staff members: 5

      You've got a while to go yet son ;)

    2. Augustus


      @Corporal_moob We got 6 :lol:. Danger, Dante, Rex, Plumber, Goodman and Talindor. We're catching up 

    3. Corporal_moob


      @Augustus Peter Long / McDili / Talindor / Doc / Gidgit / Shelby / Bow / Ares..

      All the important ones ;) Hell, Technically I could even include Toe Knee.

  14. Happy birthday @The Haunter :))))

  15. Does anyone know how to fix "BattleEye Service startup failed. Do you want to launch Arma 3 without Battleeye?" I've done practically everything I can think of, reinstalled BattlEye, verified game cache.

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    2. Brennan


      Restart your computer, run as admin

    3. Strafe


      Have you tried turning it off then back on again?

    4. Augustus


      @K3control Didn't work. Opens the terminal and sits on "Starting BattlEye Service" forever. Reinstalled ARMA, did nothing.

  16. A good amount of all the other life servers have this, but okay. Thanks for the feedback.
  17. repair without kit but takes 2x longer
  18. ur such a Jew, smh
  19. thought on my hats proposal?
  20. I'll buy the hats for 100k
  21. big fan @Decimus :wub::wub:, happy birthday man

  22. ham got an exception for APD, not r&r tho
  23. High School.