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  1. Best way to anti windmill rocks? http://i.imgur.com/spiewlD.mp4

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      Actually insanely impressive, like damn you were crouched next to a rock and he only hit you and flew off. That's ballsy as fuck. 

    3. Augustus


      11 minutes ago, DANGUSDEAN said:

      Actually insanely impressive, like damn you were crouched next to a rock and he only hit you and flew off. That's ballsy as fuck. 


      20 minutes ago, Jesse said:

      That was fucking amazing.

      Cole's POV [srry 4 cancer]

      Edited by Augustus
    4. Cole Anderson

      Cole Anderson

      imma mal fucking star bOI. spec ops pilot


  2. Because 75% of vigis don't know the rules
  3. o7, you were always one of my favorite staff members
  4. what's that ahk script
  5. Yeah, I've been getting really bored of Olympus lately, not sure if it's because of the lack of S1 gangs, but whatever it is, something has to change, or else it will only get worse.
  6. after all, 4 OS are ex VX and VX absolutely dominates support team
  7. ur whole gang is cancer, hello
  8. the only reason we talking shit is to get people to come to cartel, at least usually
  9. Exactly why I think a cartel point system should be implemented, to give other gangs an incesntive for showing up to a cartel and killing people.
  10. Yup. Server 1 is really dead rn, with absence gone, and -O- somewhat inactive. What can solve the issue is bringing back the warzone, I think a lot of old players and gangs will come back, and potentially bring some Asylum players over here, because I'm pretty sure fights are pretty dead right now over there as well. Also, maybe adding that cartel point system that Matt the Savage and a few others mentioned, that could influence some of those smaller gangs to start doing cartels.
  11. Vote Yes for CSAT Removal 2017!

  12. I think all CSATS should be removed. I also think that maybe they could replace the textures of the pilot coveralls with one of the textures of an unliked rebel clothing (that would be voted), so there would be pilot coveralls, but they would be purely cosmetic. They would have the armor values of a non-op cloth. I am unsure if this is actually possible though.
  13. Happy birthday kyle

  14. Geurilla Garment is pretty nice. Pilot Coveralls were the only good looking CSAT clothing imo, but idk
  15. Gang tags must relate to your gang name so gang tags like Brotherhood's [-Name-] and The New Kings *Name, Oceanus -7-, are against the rules now? Ruins a lot of the variation and uniqueness of gang tags, which we already have so little without a more vast character selection. (I know all these gangs are disbanded, just an example.)
  16. Happy birthday buffalo bill and goodman

  17. please don't tell me that's fucking joel
  18. rangefinders please
  19. Also, stealing gear from people in police custody
  20. is it just me or have I not heard a MK14 at a cartel in the last like 4 months

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    2. McDili


      That is what the meaning of 'Big gang' is.

    3. Augustus


      1. 1
        of considerable size, extent, or intensity.

      You're a smart one aren't ya?

    4. TheRandomOne


      My apologies, I thought you were trying to use this definition. Yours makes more sense though.
      2. 2.
        of considerable importance or seriousness.
        "it's a big decision"
        synonyms: important, significant,