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  1. Love you bubbaloo <3 o7
  2. If I was going for OS it might help if I put in an application..... Just trying to be a good member of the community.
  3. I am pretty sure I was stuffing my face with dinner when he rolled up lol, anyway the point is to get people to stop breaking rules no matter how small. Rules are rules, I do not break them, and I am going to enforce them wherever I can. If you have a problem with that stop breaking the damn rules.....
  4. Yeah be a man about it, I have no shame. The sad part is that someone combat stored a hatchback not that they got reported for it
  5. Don't make me shoot down more of your orcas, two in two minutes is pretty hard to top
  6. moving = the new camping
  7. Sitting in the water does not count as fighting cartels. But it is all good, ill just bring extra grenades for you fucks.
  8. I like you guys and all, well most of you, but I think ill enjoy my time on vacation.... Cya guys on friday!


  9. I can confirm I am a middle aged man that works at McDonalds.... seriously tho do you just record all of your fast food experiences?
  10. Anyone have some good suggestions of what headset I should get? Looking for it to have a very good mic (very little background noise) as well as good audio quality.

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    2. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      Astros or you are wasting your money.  

    3. bigSMOKE


      astros=plastic shit

      hypercloud x2 = good time

    4. Joel


      Logitech G230's sound really good I never used the mic on them because I have a blue yeti but my friends have used the mic on their own and it sounds fine. I think they're like $30 on amazon 

  11. Hey @Grandma Gary, we need to have a talk about getting me some OS Recruiter tags in Teamspeak. Considering the last 4/5 people who got OS were from my gang and all :P

    Congrats @TheCmdrRex and @Bow

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    2. Grandma Gary
    3. Solomon


      @Pledge I would say your parents make mistakes too but leaving you at the fire station was everything but a mistake.



      @Solomon going *bang bang*



      youre throwing shots... get it?

  12. Instead of giving a gang rank, I think we should have it to where the gang leader plus rank 4 or something like that could give keys to the property, I have gang rank 1 to symbolize that they are a "member" or the gang. But I would not want all of those members to have access. Basically this way you could chose the people with crate access with no regard to other perks as it would be with a gang rank system. With regard to spawning I think being in the gang should be the only restriction.
  13. Maybe have it where if the cartel was contested no vehicles could be pulled as well?
  14. Hey you forgot to add the part where you guys got fucked <3
  15. +1 lol