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  1. I will have you know I made those, kinda. He just made them pretty.
  2. lmao, @MrBoonie I have copy rights on that, made it myself D:
  3. The big tower is on the southern end, you can fly on that side and have decent cover, as I said if you do it right it can be done.
  4. I do not know if you played on this server when big towers were virtually everywhere but hot dropping on big towers was quite common. If you know how to control your heli and position it in the right way it can be done, apply smokes on the bottom with an ifrit as well to help cause havok. I see no reason for peter to keep adding cartels if they are going to be the same thing over and over again. Instead look at what he has presented and try to adapt to it, personally I find the challenge part of the fun!
  5. If you fly in backwards you cant get shot out from the guys at the tower
  6. There is a large amount of cover from the tower to push other parts of a cartel. If you rush the bottom and drop on the top with a heli you can do some major damage. From what I have seen lag has not been an issue but I feel tower lag may be an issue in the future as it once was. I think it could be left for now and see what happens
  7. Ill hit you with 400k for the gun
  8. Anyone who updated teamspeak and lost their mass mover, here is an updated version. https://www.myteamspeak.com/addons/0c69eb4a-0c0a-41b6-b2be-9c0e5c0457fa 

    Simply download, install, restart ts, go to options, plugins, enable "admin tools" and you are good to go!

  9. Can confirm, one of our many skills. In all seriousness though dangus if you can't figure it out hop in the ts and ill work my magic.
  10. Have you tried contacting the support team?
  11. With the sound on your computer there is something called the default device, as well as the default communication device. For example my headset uses two different types of audio to ensure better quality based on what you are capturing, I.E. voice and in game audio. To fix this issue go to your search bar, type in sound. Go to output and set your audio device (headphones) as both the default device and the default communications device. Afterwards go ahead make sure shadowplay is using the same device aswell. If you have any questions about this or it simply does not work let me know, or I can help you in the teamspeak. Good luck!
  12. When I take hostages in kavala, I go hard...... 



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheRandomOne


      Going hard is taking a bunch of people with civ clothes and no vests or anything?

    3. Orgondo


      That's all you took hostage, and got in return for them... Weakkkk

    4. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      @TheRandomOne Its a joke. Do you not understand jokes?

  13. It can very, usually it would have been responded to by now. Time can very based on how many appeals are currently put in, who banned you, and more. It should be answered soon regardless, but if you would like to just join the teamspeak and I will help you out.
  14. Well, considering that a lot of people have not been here for two years, it would be hard to say exactly "what has changed". Over the past two years many rules have been modified, removed, and added. To be completely updated on EVERY change that has occurred on the Olympus servers you should update yourself below. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the rules.