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  1. We were playing Skribbl and his dad walks in LMAO @F U L T @Cutie (QT) @poundcake @Madnesss @YaBoiNate @Perm SnR Billy Bob Joe
  2. I also said maybe change it or nerf it like adding higher tax or something. There's a lot of people on this server and a lot of creative people we could find something so its not as good. We can find a solution that the majority of people is happy with.
  3. All I was saying about the cop is it would add more reason for cops to go out and check the redzone instead of waiting in kav for big bounty's to come thru and start betting other players.
  4. First off, you have too be cpl and higher to fly and a lot of Po's like to check redzones without flying, but it can be discouraging going all the way up there to find nothing . And I personally dont like mass stacking for feds bc it lags my computer too 10fps. And yes i have a bad computer.
  5. I've seen it on multiple different forums post and from what I have seen most people want it gone or changed if you say it should be changed say how you would want it redone. Personally I would like to see it gone because I feel like more people get rich from sitting in kav and doing nothing but bets. And I also think it would push people to do redzones more which would mean more pvp/robbing. Also cops would get more enjoyment instead of them driving all across the map checking redzone just to find themselves at meth with a broken hatchback, 43 health, and more than 5 cops on. lmao just sayin.
  6. thats why you can see us approaching a red zone at the end of the video
  7. You know just some dancing and having fun on cop, something a lot a people forget to do when playing a video game @Cutie (QT) @TheBrady
  8. I agree with that. its called doing runs or is that just me? Also if the server would remove betting in my opinion it would increase people doing runs and that would mean more fighting, and it would also make playing cop more fun. Also people can sit in kav for hrs on end and just bet until they have money out there ass. So yeah get rid of it
  9. Ok who 3 to 1'ed this kid So @Hurricane what your saying is the wife position is open...? If so i'll happily take you up on that offer
  10. Coco, I thought you were better than this... lmao
  11. I have a DP 13 4 created house for sell on server 1 the virtual storage is already max and im wanting 4 million out of it. Its on the market already or message me offers.
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