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  1. shut the fuck up trailer park cuck. no one cares about what you have to say and you are going to get gang raped by a bunch of rednecks in the navy
  2. meatspin.fr/steamsignature
  3. this post confirms that summer fags are here
  4. How the fuck does this random @EatMeth get moderator? fucking vx os fuckinngg biased scum staff wtfff

  5. // pd hostile takeover, dont say i didnt warn anybody
  6. i liked gummy better when he was bald
  7. ranks in a gang are cancer, i can understand having a leader and then non leaders but what is the point of trying to create an hierarchy in a gang
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    2. Jesse


      9 minutes ago, Turtle Chris said:

      What the hell is this


    3. Ignis


      41 minutes ago, Turtle Chris said:

      What the hell is this


    4. platinumfire


      44 minutes ago, Turtle Chris said:


      What the hell is this



  8. ts is already set up and most people are comfortable with it so i dont see it changing anytime soon. Imo ts > discord because i feel that teamspeak gives a lot more power to people that need it and customization of channels, groups, clients, etc.
  9. its a short playlist but if you are looking for some interesting hip hop heres mine https://play.spotify.com/user/quintinxd1/playlist/7JDhLKRwlz7Kn6MQ4BzFbf got a few tracks you may not know on there
  10. packers shoudve won

    1. Joel


      lions should've won

    2. Dante
    3. Pledge


      Go Pack Go.

  11. @Weathers Were you the guy that left for Egypt awhile ago? Either way, welcome back.
  12. thanks for update i was starting to get worried
  13. I would probably kill myself
  14. Completely forgot about Wisconsin dells, havent been there in years. good memories
  15. where the vermont boys at...
  16. +1 for pushing out good updates in a timely manor
  17. As far as im aware there is no way to get rid of texture bug and the cause of it is still unknown for the most part. I believe @Jesse said it may have something to do with sound but im not sure.
  18. Canadians

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