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Remove/Change Server 3

Guest G.O.A.T.

Remove Server 3  

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  1. 1. Remove/Change Server 3 to Altis?

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Guest G.O.A.T.

Title says it all, so far all server 3 has done is provided people with a way to make easy money with little to no cop interference. Then use that money to affect the Altis player base.

I suggest removing the server to reduce overall costs, or simply make it another Altis map. With the holidays coming up, it might be beneficial for the community to have an added server. The added Altis map would provide more upside for the server, and could potentially expand the community significantly.

Currently as it stands the Tanoa server maxes out at 20-25 people on the weekends and usually hovers around 9-14 people during the day/night.

This is not meant to bring hate to any development that was made on Tanoa, as I think the map is perfect...but just isn't right for our community. 

If anyone else has a suggestion/comment feel free to leave it below!

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It's really a shame. Tanoa was hyped up by the entire community and the most recent update made it a better place, but by then, everyone had already given up on it. Its a beautiful map and has so much potential. I vote to keep it for the sense that people finally start giving it a second chance, even though I know they wont. 

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I'd love to see a wasteland server again or even a retry at exile! Exile on tanoa is more popular maybe give that a go? 

Or look into mooses idea where everything is shared not just the money! 

Add another option to vote for 

4. Make into wasteland/cqc/exile 

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