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my goodbye

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I really don't know how to make a goodbye so this is how its gonna go, in my life ive sat on my ass for around 3 years playing Arma and csgo and gaming in general gets kinda stale when there is no good titles coming out. To all those i've made laugh and i've made cry :Kappa: I want to say goodbye

@OLL13 I know you're in the army right now and you might never see this, but thank you for letting me in Carnage and in Instinct. Those were the best fights on my Arma Carrer
@Colt Thanks for the 300 plat from gang shed 

@APD too many of you to @ but thank you for all the fun times we have encountered

@buckie you will always be that little rat ;) https://gyazo.com/ee37f44867164d2b00196cca516f9baa

@Last I owe you 100$ once this shit gets refunded ill paypal it to you.

@FlapJack https://gyazo.com/8b0e654bc64a9942d073bc343831c9cb

I'll always be lingering around the forums like a nasty fart. 

To all the people I didnt @ Im sorry but there is way to many of you lol 

I only tried to incorporate doubles + but if i thought some were nuts i put it in

Sorry if it was bad but im a trash player



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2 minutes ago, Tb:) said:

message me on snap some day ill hook you up

Ayyyeeee also o7 was fun doing the feds. If you don’t mind could I have your money ???  

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