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Moob VS Brry thread

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Im putting my money on Brry, moobs smoking have probably put him in a somewhat of a lazy state. And the low ammounts of fucks moob gives makes him a easy opponent.

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At this point, I am expecting moob and his scallywags (primarily Dustin) to come in here and cause another ruckus. Then not receive punishment because Hades is in moob's back pocket as we all know.

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from what i know and what ive seen id say moob all day long,

all ive seen from brry is just complete saltness, crying and so much rage!! over a GAME!! 

if you dont like it here then you know you can leave!!

ive heard some of you guys are permed from asylum and tbh id expect the same here soon if you guys dont stop all this whining!! 


no one else has had this much issues with our gang ( well not since we was [iS] lolz ) and to say that hades is in moobs pocket is complete bullshit, all our guys that have broke rules have been dealt with their bans.


id suggest calming your tits an just play the game or just hurry up and get permed so we can all go back to the way it was without you shitters :) 


sorry if i hurt your feelings but i couldnt give a shit now as this whining has gone on long enoough now!! 

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