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  1. I will never forget you. O7
  2. Does any of the 7.62 rifles break through the blackfish glass? I was told it was bullet proof
  3. A new squad will be implemented 0.0
  4. o7 I will not forget when you said you would smash my sister.
  5. malcolm in the middle. its funny....
  6. I will forever live only to impound your hatchback monster's.
  7. My fps keep randomly falling from around 30 to 10 every 30 seconds. My toaster aint that bad....
  8. I never even heard what you sound like yet :*(
  9. Thanks for all the hard work, <3 olympus
  10. bye.
  11. ummmm lets not forget the Po7. The derputies are getting smarter I tell u dat. Been harder to catch em lil derputies for dat Po7
  12. The gap between a 7.62 and a 9mm is pretty big if I must say. if vigi's are given a 6.5 there is still a gap in combat advantages. The gap is not gone, rebels still have the upper hand in a 1v1 scenario. If a guy with a 7.62 cant win against a 6.5 then they lost the bounty GG, better hope your 5 other friends can win against a most likely solo vigi. 1+ for the buff.
  13. P.s. let's not make this too big. but along with the mxc can we think about the Po7? I'm tired of harrasing derputies.
  14. eh...I may have seen one certain vigi famous for guarding Sofia.
  15. This talk about tier vigilante's and expensive equipment is something I would really enjoy seeing implemented. a MXC sounds great since its not currently in the server however nothing better then that should be put in. The gap between vigi and rebel should be decreased not removed. Great idea's everyone +1.