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  1. Changes Appear In Red/Green Preface - Application Process and Rank Progression 1. Application - Application info can be found HERE 1. Interviews will test the rule knowledge of candidates. 2. Asking a senior APD member for an interview is the best way to delay it 2. At any point if the Senior APD feel you are unfit for your position, your rank can be adjusted accordingly.
  2. I can finally have more then one hawk on cop now.
  3. Changes Appear In Red/Green Chapter IX - Checkpoints & Patrol Guidelines Traffic Stops Traffic stops can be conducted when a vehicle’s driver or a passenger is wanted or is seen breaking traffic laws. Only check the licenses of the driver or passengers are wanted/have committed a crime in front of an officer. Speed limits Inside city limits - 75 Km/h Outside city limits/back roads - 100 Km/h Outside of city limits/highways - 125 Km/h APD Checkpoints Can only happen at stationary checkpoints on the map. Mobile Checkpoints can be done anywhere on the map at any time. Mobile checkpoints may not be set up within 1 km of any redzone. PO+ must be present with at least 2 other officers. APD vehicles must be parked at each checkpoint entrance with lights on. No person or vehicle should be searched without consent from the owner of the vehicle unless probable cause is there. If they decline the search they must turn around and go back the way they came. If a civilian goes around the checkpoint they can be pulled over and processed. Chapter X - Illegal Areas Any area marked with a red crosshatch is considered an illegal area, including active Jails, Blackwaters, Banks, and Federal Reserves. Officers must announce themselves when entering an illegal area with code 3. Code 3 automatically engages all armed civilians in the illegal area. EXCEPTION: No Code 3 is needed when entering an active bank. Illegal Area may be patrolled every 15 minutes. Officers must not remain in, or monitor, an illegal area if there is no activity During situations inside of illegal areas, officers must respond in waves A wave is finished when all officers have been killed or neutralized The last officer of a wave may surrender and become neutralized, and remain until reached by APD forces, then they can return to HQ. On the first wave to an area, officers may call in first wave backup. If the backup does not arrive before the original group dies, they must wait in place for the second wave to catch up, or until the civilians reach them All waves after the second must start with ALL officers at an HQ or waiting to spawn at such HQ Officers leaving a situation must reach HQ before the next wave can begin if they are to participate in the next wave. If the civilians leave the illegal area, waves are no longer required If you are apart of the same wave that entered an illegal area you may re-enter after having left. EXCEPTION: No wave rule is required when responding to an active bank. Once an illegal area has been secured, all officers may return and begin cleanup Rebel Outpost raids: There is a Sergeant+ with at least 2 other officers The entire wave must enter code 3, or “Go Dark” and verbally engage. If the senior officer is captured, raids may continue to recapture them. Cartel/Warzone raids: Must follow Rebel raid rules May be patrolled every 15 minutes unless APD has reasonable suspicion of illegal activity or of a suspect fleeing there. Five waves maximum to warzone per raid. If you enter Warzone without a Sergeant+ due to pursuing someone in, you must check the general area of the suspect you chased in. Once the situation is deemed clear, you are to leave. Do not check the rest of the Warzone Island. Once APD has engaged rebel forces in a Cartel/Warzone, they may continue to raid it following standard rebel raid rules until the situation has been neutralized at that Cartel/Warzone. PO+ are authorized lethals during warzone raids. EXCEPTION: Following someone in first wave. POs+ may enter for a single wave to negotiate a hostage situation. Chapter XI - Federal Events Federal Events are defined as The Federal Reserve(Fed), The Federal Penitentiary (Jail), and the Blackwater Weapons Facility (BW/Blackwater) Order of Priority: Blackwater, Federal Reserve, Jail No RP is required to engage players that are participating in a federal event (doors being cut open and/or bomb planted). All APD are free to fire on players in these circumstances. If you see a player (Clearly participating in a federal event) you can shoot them. APD may not enter the domes prior to the event unless someone is trapped inside APD may not utilize vans at any federal events. If less than 6 officers are online during a Jailbreak, wave rule is not required. Lethal force is only to be authorized after 2 full waves failed attempts of non-lethal force. If lethals are loaded due to being outnumbered, lethals will not remain loaded the following waves unless or until the 3rd wave EXCEPTION: Any Means If an officer leaves an active fed they must return to the HQ before the next wave can begin. EXCEPTION: If all the cops at the federal event chase the rebels out of the federal event (The outer Anti-Air Circle) the next wave may begin You may re-enter the federal event if chasing a suspect in. Active Federal Events If the bomb is planted or doors are being cut open This does not go into effect until the NEXT server update/hotfix comes out.
  4. okay, okay, now wot.


    1. indian


      As much as I’d hope that their small dev team can create all of what’s in that video, I’m almost 100% sure it’s another Kickstarter scam with a cool 3D rendered animation. and they also have no footage of actual gameplay.

    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      10 minutes ago, indian said:

      As much as I’d hope that their small dev team can create all of what’s in that video, I’m almost 100% sure it’s another Kickstarter scam with a cool 3D rendered animation. and they also have no footage of actual gameplay.



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    2. tacosmell


      I miss those hatches

    3. M0N5T3R


      "I didn't hear no sirens, my mom wanted me to go take the water for a walk"

    4. Hurricane


      46 minutes ago, tacosmell said:

      I miss those hatches

      +1 @Pledge bring them back 


    Too bad you can't hear me... 

    but you can probably find the soundboard somewhere ;)

  8. Depends if they go to the deputy (Other APD officers have to reach him before he can start heading back to hq) also the deputy is no longer part of any wave, as he is neutralized and can’t participate until he returns to hq.
  9. Pull up on your block.



    Add to sAPD arsenal and shop thank you. I just bought the DLC tryina get my moneys worth.

    1. Zeuse


      can you push for deputy bicycles and po motorbikes too thanks

    2. DeadPool


      Thats not very role play of you

  10. Take me back to 2016 Olympus ty.

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    2. callumlol


      25 minutes ago, Eggman said:

      Lol, pretty typical attitude from a mouthbreather like you.

      pahahhaha put you in such a tight headlock that all you've got to say, dont ever fucking quote me again you absolute freak.

    3. Eggmasta


      4 minutes ago, callumlol said:

      pahahhaha put you in such a tight headlock that all you've got to say, dont ever fucking quote me again you absolute freak.

      You resort to calling me wierd and a freak, meanwhile last summer your legit begged OS to unban you, does "I'd do anything to be unbanned" ring a bell... absolutely pathetic.

    4. Mason Harrison
  11. anyone wanna 1 v 1 me on call to arms? 






    you'll get smashed.

  12. If anyone wants to 1 v 1 me, or even play with me in Call to Arms hmu

  13. Unlucky :c


    1. iPopsicle
    2. Sandman




      LET ME PLAY AS A BIRD IF I WANT TO!!!!!!  I promise i wont RDM too much.

  14. All i'm saying is 1. Shouldn't be doing illegal things If you're not ready for the consequences when caught. 2. If you really don't want to lose your stuff start loading it in a truck or something while you hold off the cops, and move it to a red zone so you get wave rule, or escape and lose the cops like GTA. 3. If you don't have the people to defend the shed from a police raid don't use it for illegal activities. You know what you were saying.
  15. I mean you wouldn't off duty at that point.. now would you?
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