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  1. Robinhood

    15k per mx taser. or i mean go on cop and drop like 20 in a car and have a friend go store them like we did
  2. yo peter the 15 yr old is ikillin your community ha!

  3. The production value is unmatched for some marbles.

    1. Civak



      you're 2 weeks late come on

  4. Robinhood

    we will keep our integrity @7evenn
  5. Robinhood

    he gotcha there muhdiwuh
  6. Robinhood

    In some respects I’m very glad this happened. We all haven’t played in a very long time so I guess it’s an okay magic trick. We just want to know who tipped destruct off.
  7. Robinhood

    whoa whoa whoa... all we did were some magic tricks mav...
  8. Robinhood

    black men in this community cant get nowhere. The man be holdin us back. 1 like equals one signature so i can keep getting vigis nerfed. Good luck finding all them .338 suppressors
  9. i got permd, later fuckers! :) took long enough since peter forgot to perm me months ago. Main goal was to get that vigi nerf. See ya in arma 4 :P 


    p.s. that civ council stuff was actually not too bad.. if you have any motivation to help better this server you should join.. people that are apart of the civ council really dont give a shit about it and they're not held accountable. Some do care though and i commend them. 

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    2. Pablo_Escobar


      What did you do

    3. NokiaStrong


      Anyone ever notice that we haven’t seen Robin Hood and benji.exe in the same channel?

    4. Robinhood


      6 hours ago, Unjo said:

      What did you do


      3 hours ago, Ski Mask The Tap God said:

      permed for what lmao. Spar 16 pulldowns?


      2 hours ago, Pablo_Escobar said:

      What did you do

      Oh you know, hacking, scripting, doxing, duping, ddossing, and a multitude of other things. Im kidding, i got banned for duping on my main account. This whole vigi shit came about after i was supposed to be permd for whitelist abuse back in october. I was trying to "ban evade" and then this whole vigi stuff started. didnt expect it to go this far and actually get changes made to the role. The worst part was the admins knew i was supposed to be banned but didnt tell peter i wasnt actually permd **cough fake grandma cough** 

  10. Robinhood

  11. Robinhood

    Welcome! If you'd like some information on becoming a vigilante, i'm more than happy to help There's a handy dandy guide down below.
  12. Robinhood

    @Grego sure but lemme see a video... of him crying
  13. Robinhood

    wait, wait, wait.... he was on cop?!?!? what a coward @Ryan

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