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  1. This is going to be a fun month "civilians can consider [OS] Peter Long "RP engaged", better turn on that god mode
  2. As long as your tryin bro, I'm happy.
  3. If I would have know there was gonna be a legacy donator crap, I would have donated way back then when I played, but I think everything should be open to everyone, especially range finders. I think maybe some recognition should to to legacy donors, but not op stuff like range finders and huge discounts on stuff....
  4. It's totally possible my dude. They said earn a good rep and name for yourself as a mature individual, and I now have APD at the age of 15.
  5. Yeah maybe its arma 3, there's definitely competition up coming with the flop that might be identity and the new, arma looking game. Altis life will always be fun, but your right, the lore of it has worn off and it just doesnt feel the same as it used to. I remember having a blast just trying to do a mushroom run in my hummingbird back then, now, it just isnt nearly as fun.
  6. I feel as while the player count is rising, the quality of the server is declining. I remember back when MC was a huge power house, PcP was around, and you couldn't drive a car without getting blown up through dysnc on this server. Everyone didn't just care about cartels and frag tages. There weren't a ton of asylum guys coming to be toxic. There weren't forum warriors roasting each other every chance they get. Altis Life was fun, and don't get me wrong it still is, but the quality and type of fun has changed so much that to some people, it really is dying. I love this server, and I will continue to play it, however I have realized that It has gone a direction that I may not like it to to go to. Altis Life used to be fun, filled with rp, and focused on interaction. Now everyone's focus is putting other people below themselves and killing each other at cartels. It's about the next montage clip that gets you rep on the forums and in the next gang filled with a bunch of shit talkers. Hopefully one day it goes back on the path that a lot of people prefer, but until then, to some people, the server will continue to die.
  7. #10: School bus #6: Dasher IGN: White Tiger
  8. The Hurt Locker
  9. Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  10. Disagree with your request here, I personally say that when there's more vigis than cops online, and there's 10 vigis in Kavala, there is no need to beef them up more or add any encouragement to being one. The spar-16 already made them better than half the police force, also, it might be difficult to add that if we are talking from a Dev perspective. I'm not a Dev, but I would guess it would be difficult....
  11. Actually looks really fuckin cool, if it's really good, I think we should get an Olympus Titan Life server up. That would be fuckin awesome!
  12. lmao fuckin roasted em
  13. rip i read the rest and they made it sound like it was out but its currently in beta or something but still im excited af for it, because it means better fps , less spikes, and maybe less texture bugs. Sorry for getting your hopes up a little , it will be out soon!
  14. So apparently they are now working on 64bit arma so im really excited lol. Also a ton of bugs have been fixed so im happy Bohemia finally figured out how to build a game right.....Focus on bugs, fixes, and optimization rather than new content!
  15. None of you have every heard that song? Lmao it's a classic....All this edm and pop shit took over damn.