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  1. I supported my sisters decision to get an abortion, still would have been cool to become a dad.
  2. In no way is the APD militarized, until the rank of sergeant, the APD is stuck with far less effective gear that doesn't even match that of rebels. It already takes a couple shots from a 6.5mm to taze where as most 7.62 can kill a cop in one shot. The vermin is in fact worse than the sting in most cases so it makes no sense to complain as there was only more options opened, not unbalanced made. Try stepping into the shoes of a APD officer getting tapped left and right by a rook, and then you'll think twice about complaining the APD is to militarized.
  3. Use windows movie maker like honestly, all you need for a montage. All this pro editing shit is useless for montages.....
  4. What is it used for lol
  5. It's part of the game, you won't be able to tell and it's in realistic to base it bannable off something that can't be recorded and can only be inferred. Therefore is shouldn't be bannable and your already dead, you died, obviously your not gonna get up regardless because the other side that won doesn't want you to, respawn and deal with it.
  6. I gotcha, didn't get the point of the discussion until after I posted, sorry for my misunderstanding.
  7. Are you payin for OT? If you are I'll take it
  8. It's says final not 4th quarter, so Solomon doesn't win?
  9. Hell of a fuckin game.
  10. We can't just let them get up and be allowed to just shoot back at us....unless there's a fix or option for execution like GOAT said it shouldn't be bannable at all. Your basically killing someone in a red zone or whatever like any other situation, games fault you lose your gun, not the killers.
  11. So glad I dont have school today, @admins, as long as your tryin with the texture bug im happy, really liking the way this server is going, props to you guys for the such good work!
  12. Wagwan, what's gwanin
  13. There has to be a video....rip you
  14. Content Removed