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  1. Overwatch Comp? High Diamond - 3361 sr? anyone

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    2. HyperGoat


      whats ur battle net


      we cant play either way but still 1 day ill be there

    3. Jazzy




      i decayed to 3600 cause i haven't played in a bit :( 

    4. HyperGoat


      added you.

  2. 144hz is over 250$ at least just saying
  3. 12 officers - 2 striders, 1 hunter, 2 SUV's and 1 Hatchback for 2 people running Mushrooms in a SUV 


    1. Ignis


      How's the CMR treating you?

    2. HyperGoat


      @Ignis People tank sometimes but its really a good gun!!

    3. Ignis


      Hmmm maybe I should try it

  4. Looking for people to play overwatch? (High Platinum or Diamond)

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    2. Tommy Wiseau

      Tommy Wiseau

      i'm low master put as long as we are within 500 it should work

    3. platinumfire
    4. HyperGoat


      tommy im like 38 points away from diamond whats ur id?

      6 minutes ago, platinumfire said:


  5. +1 this , we should have buffs to rebel side a bit , even if saying we already have 7.62 , its kinda hard when cops outnumber you 2:1 And when I say buffs im not saying big stuff , like small things could equal things
  6. To be honest , gang life is dead because of buffs in the APD , I remember the constant feds and jails there used to be but like how theres always 16+ cops on they are too scared


    1. Silton



    2. HyperGoat


      @Silton FUCK YOUR RIGHT 

  8. Not to be annoying like everyone one else but id like to know if devs are going to make a stats page in this update , sorry for constantly asking but id like a dev to have an answer to this , or at least ETA on stats page. PLS and Thank you
  9. Looking for people to play overwatch
  10. FeelsBad Peter
  11. Will , always remember the days when we kept saying N**** on stream <3 @LukeDuke @Colt
  12. ur such a troll each time a house comes to sell , your interested and then you ain't... Make yo mind up fool
  13. Hey boys , who wants to come do a jailbreak , its for [VX] Raptor ;)

    1. BlackJack



    2. Wiseguy



  14. Im selling a 4 crater up in abdera or im selling the 2 crater , not both are for sale if one is bought!!! minimum for the 2 crater is 2.5m and for the 4 crater is somewhere around 6m.
  15. ahaha ur cursed
  16. I've been wondering when Gang war V is coming , or like a mini-Gang war like rumors have been saying where its a 6v6 Gang War. Don't have to have an exact date just like an estimated I guess. I'm sure , I am not the only one who wants to know about this
  17. Goodbye |SS| Wang #never-forget , see you in december if I still play arma LOL
  18. In the next month , ill be finishing my studies and working a PC , but I need some knowledge from people of Olympus to finish this build so I have multiple questions first is : 1- Should I get 980 ti or wait for the pascal 1080? 2- 6700k or 4790k ? whats the difference?? 3- usually with this big build will I need more than 750w of power supply? 4- Im stuck on mices , (im taking suggestions) I am currently using a DeathAdder so something close to that? 5- What's to upgrade on my build? ----> Keep in mind this is like a overkill build and everyone is gonna say you don't need all this but I want this build to be a bit overkill and last me some good time. Also use's for recording and streaming games without having any problems. I won't be spending thousands as well so the questions I asked might give you an idea of what im lookin for!!!! My Pc specs right now (a bit outdated this is why im upgrading) Proccessor: i5 4760k Ram: 8gb HyperX Graphics card: GTX 760 twin frozr Memory : 256 evo SSD , 1 TB Power supply : 750w Cpu cooler: h80i corsair liquid cooling Case : 450D Corsair Case So for any of you computer geeks , im taking suggestions and ill be sure to post my ending resullts
  19. 1080? or 1070?
  20. @McDili I don't know Dili but ill see but thanks for the tips Im taking tips from any other computer "geeks" out there bump
  21. So like i7 6700k would be good for streaming games etc ? and thanks for the tips
  22. Is there a video of gang wars like last one?