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Time to say goodbye - at least for now

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The time has come for me to departure from this community... :)


First off i would like to say thank you to each and everyone of you :)


Thank you for all the good memories and all the fun times we've had :)

I leave here with so many good memories and so few bad ones....


I am not gonna make a long goodbye post - but there is a few people i would like to give a special thanks to :)

@Isaac Newton, @Muthinator, @Tman15tmb, @Peter Long, @McDili, Mercury, Dante Fleury and a few others, you guys know who you are :)


Thank you guys so much for all the support you've given me during the time i've been in this community :) I will still come on from time to time, but won't be active enough to have any major role in this community any longer :)

So with this is step down from both R&R and Support team... 

I wish the members of both theese awesome teams the very best and i'll see you guys from time to time :) <3 


It is has been fun, and now i am saying goodbye for now :) <3 <3 

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4 minutes ago, Fushigi said:

is this 5 or 6?

see you in a week


4 minutes ago, Augustus said:

did you not make the exact same post not even a month ago


Haha :)

It is for real this time :) Like i said, i will be comming on from time to time, so don't be to suprised if you encounter me ingame :)

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11 minutes ago, Muthinator said:

Take care and best of luck with your other endeavors!

Thanks Muth, same to you my friend :) It has been fun being a proud member of R&R and being under your command :) Who knows, maybe i'll return one day to see how it is :)

11 minutes ago, SPBojo said:

Take care teddy! :)

I will Bojo, you to my norwegian friend :)

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