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maddest you've ever been in altis life?

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just spent hours filling up 4 hemmts with diamonds w/my friends and processing them then selling them. we go to deposit them at the ATM and 2 people just RDM spray us down with no initiation and none of us recorded. i literally threw my mouse across my room lol


list other rage experiences to make me feel better

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22 minutes ago, Darkon said:

I usually don't punch shit when I get mad but the maddest I've ever gotten on a game was Clash Royale and I smashed my phone into my wall. Phone case was destroyed and the wall had a big hole lol. I stopped playing.

i remember that shit game lol

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rolling up on somebody and when you get out of the car you sling shot into the air and die... that makes me so mad bc if you don't die initially the people you were tryna rob will then kill you

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Back when I couldn't afford an Orca yet bought one anyway, I seen a guy stranded on the road and stupidly landed to see if he needed help. As soon as I hopped out and before I had a chance to hit U, he hopped into the Pilot seat. I hopped into the back before he could take off, and tried to convince him to land (which he didn't want to do, since I was armed, and he was not). So we ended up running out fuel somewhere over the Pyrgos Gulf

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9 hours ago, Hoonter said:

Fighting Feds's against 750k blackfishes and 35 people every day is pretty frustrating 

Can you still not pull people out of blackfishes or did they fix that?

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Cant remember the last time i got really mad at this game but in general whenever i get roached i get so angry i could punch a child.

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Back in the day, redchained into an unscheduled server restart in my orca full of processed cocaine. Logged into the middle of nowhere, no orca in my garage. 

Also doing any run and getting a message from majestic or lumberjack letting me know burban was about to fuck my shit up.

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