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1 hour ago, indian said:

social life

kid your friend literally asks you to hang out all the time and you say no and stay home to play video games

this is just an excuse to hopefully go outside !! :)


but good for you for leaving this dogshit game

o7 jungle man anish!

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35 minutes ago, nomadox said:

cringe cya in 2 weeks

shut the fuck up retard, skeng force alpha leader is your life's biggest accomplishment.

40 minutes ago, Zakaloko said:

nooooooooooo! wait were you the kid who puts milk with noodles yuck! o7


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31 minutes ago, WALT™ said:

Goodluck man! Glad to see our talk meant something.

It really did. Don't want to look back at my life later knowing that I failed the most crucial year of HS because of a video game lol

4 minutes ago, Energyyy said:

When you dont hang out with friends because of arma lol

well... I did, and I still do. Just not as much as I'd like to.

sick rhymes


38 minutes ago, 1-800TryHards said:

07 dark man! Had good times in vitality when I wasn’t on cop lmao ;))) 

:) eta on corporal? 

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6 minutes ago, Cale said:


goodbye dude, hmu for middle manning bets lol


6 minutes ago, p a t said:


perry the platypus


5 minutes ago, G F said:

neck retard give me ur pc:wub:


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