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  1. @Chaos happy b day my friend :D

    1. Chaos


      THank you very much d3

  2. we need to bring fatal back
  3. A simple nerf of csat would be enuf ofc if you only know how to..
  4. Hahaha path......
  5. you should focus on updating the server not the clothing its just a small part of the game, IF YOU GONNA REMOVE CSAT FROM SERVER REMOVE NLR FROM CARTELS
  6. for me it seems to be good no fps drop no hardcore desync or lag fine for now
    1. RogueMK


      Damn can't wait to finish work n see more updates! 

  7. ayyy welcome
  8. Evolved ::allah save me::


    proof i send you comp money 

  9. @badaim happy b-day my friend :)

    1. badaim


      thanks buddy we'll play soon :*

  10. I don't see why people complain about this it's a game,you get free gear literally you don't lose nothing,you fight to have fun,the more gangs the better the gang wars could be. How i see things thanks.
  11. mhmm i see i gotta download some mission file house fix??? hypeeeee

  12. house comps?

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    2. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      not crates i mean virtual inv,when my houses got wiped i started doing new runs and started to fill up my houses again,i usually fill up all my houses then i go sell everything.

    3. Fastik


      Ahhhhhhhhhh im just not touching my house shit since they said the houses will be rolled back to when we last had shit in them before the update.

    4. RogueMK


      id sell the effected house soon and keep it clean, posiedon said it would be in a couple of days :/ still waiting on mine too

  13. ye man that is my jam people can say what they want but it's my music nice to see someone other likes it
  14. ye i know that would be a bit fucked up but we aint the only ones mate,i think they will fix it my 4 houses got wiped
  15. ash same for me i made a comp ticket messaged admins we will see i hope they fix it
  16. So all i had in my  houses in virtual inventory is now gone after this new patch whats up with that? i just asked a friend as well he says the same????

    Edited by De Fuk
    1. McDili


      When was the last time you used it?


      I know there was a trunk fix for houses, but I'm fairly sure it didn't wipe trunks.

    2. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      Last time i used the house it was 2 days ago before the patch,i know i was processing some stuff and storing it,then i was away for 2 days didint play,just downloaded the new update went to check them up everything is gone.Same say a couple of people i have just talked to,any fix maybe or a comp maybe?i have 5 houses and all 5 of them were full of stuff before the new patch :(:(:

    3. Matt Black

      Matt Black

      It wiped me as well..  I know it wiped a lot of people because we we're all talking about it in Side Chat.

  17. How about you make the broken garages available for sale,in the end its just a broken garage and vehicles spawn in in from of them? right

  18. Gang War System fuck yeee +1 for this
  19. For some reason olympus servers are not showing up for me,tried to connect from a friend and still could not join,tried direct connect not working,re-downloaded my arma not working,restarted my router 10 times and still not working,



    anyone know how to fix this problem maybe?

    1. Silton


      has u googled?

    2. DanteFleury


      Do you have steam/arma running as administrator? 

    3. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      Are you typing in 01ympu5 correctly?

  20. Let me guess 60 fps? no lag beast pc m8 :P:P