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  1. not supposed to be that big of a donation goal, don't care much about rangefinders but i like the 10% off of vehicles, wish i was one of the people who had the donator perks and now paying only 500k for ifrits after the goal
  2. haven't fought there yet but looks balanced, i like the deer stand to counter the people pushing the rocks attacking, although obviously the big towers are making it hard for people to fight places considering the lag in them and everytime someone drives in with an ifrit i shoot them out from the tower so it seems kind of unfair to attackers, but ill be looking forward to everything you guys are doing keep it up im having the most fun fighting now then ever
  3. I agree although I feel like this is something sAPD would not agree with, or be thinking about, but not you never know.
  4. possibly, but i doubt it would happen, doesn't seem like something sAPD would be concerned with although would be nice
  5. I would say no to PO lethals as much as I would love them, I feel not enough PO's are ready for that type of change since they are now getting PO around 20-50 hours in the faction
  6. for people saying have better tactics, etc. when you're fighting a fed/ whatever it usually starts with 5-8 cops on and they most of the time aren't Sr apd with good gear they're cops with level 2 armor and at max 6.5mm, when the rebels have 7.62, GA carriers, some have tazers to blindside you with, and they always outnumber the police or they wouldn't start it in the first place. just make a rule they can't taze and restrain during federal events and we will all be happy.
  7. who tf wants a tazer for 2m, you're high my friend
  8. you do realize it takes me tazing and restraining a cop now and thats it, ill go get a lethal one for that price lmao idk who your selling a bare taser cmr to but he must be smoking some dank fucking weed
  9. not paying anywhere near 1.5m, i would pay like 600k
  10. how much do you really want
  11. honestly not being rude whatsoever when i say this, if you really think youre going to get 2m for that then neck
  12. so what about tazing and restraining cops at feds/bw's is that against the rules just to clarify or no?
  13. not worth more than 135k lol