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  1. ~ was good for something, fighting
  2. you're past a year late
  3. you're a moron for comparing your heli being hit with rape, second dont make a post bitching at the admins. Within the time you made your account to bitch and write the rest of your rant you could've made enough money for 2 helis
  4. i am superior to you for obvious reasons that i will not state on the forums
  5. you're not important enough for an OG @ skrub lord
  6. no one gives shit go play nopixel
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zYsrZQifQI&feature=youtu.be This is all the proof we need.
  8. ill buy 5 do you still have them?
  9. I don't care about either just pls put black vigi vests in rebels
  10. rip my boy d johnson

    1. lil boat

      lil boat

      he dead?

    2. Domo Arigato

      Domo Arigato

      @lil boat nah his mom just got him on lockdown

    3. bigSMOKE


      not dead just gone bc apd and r&r got him fucked up 

  11. English? you dumb or what?
  12. holy shit
  13. step 1 stay in kamala and wear a slash vandiler along with an assault pack and a handy rook
  14. awhhhhh shit they didn't they you keep your hunting practice rifle? all because a black fish tried to rob you and you had to fend off 25 criminals fuck cops