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  1. Heard the donation goal included a Taylor Swift emoticon addition...


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    2. Jesse


      Cannot do admin panel(web)... Can do blackfish & in-game admin. Only for the duration until it goes noticed and gets changed... Which you'd know because I'd probably be removed...

    3. DeadPool1337


      Ight let me do some digging 


    4. Grandma Gary
  2. http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ The documents are currently being finalized & getting approval from staff of various aspects..
  3. Small hot-fix to fix a few things/add a few things. "Texture Bugs": A big thing here is the texture bug attempt that was given to admins has proved to be a pretty large success. If we receive positive feedback from you guys, we'll probably share some information with BI and see if it helps them in their search for the root cause. All players who are downed are now able to be restrained. Can restrained downed APD/R&R/Civs using your windows key or assigned key You need a primary weapon out to restrain a player APD uniforms by civilians should now default to Patrol Officer instead of Cadet Illegal virtual items in a vehicle should be displayed when vehicles are searched by APD Reduced number of turtle zones Turtles can only be collected inside the zones Vehicles will no longer be automatically fixed when towed by R&R R&R toolkit cost now comes from their bank Admin Island exploit fixed APD Searches will now payout for all the searched quantity instead of one item, also uses split pay function R&R can tow go-karts Texture bug fixer hacky hot-fix added for all players. This feature monitors your frame rate and attempts to detect if you get a texture bug, it then proceeds to try and fix it. You can disable this feature by pressing F6. We recommend restarting your game ASAP after the fix happens. (Obviously at a time you're not going to break rules/etc) Big Tower near Blackwater is no longer damaged Tab will cancel processing now New rebel location on the south west cartel island Sofia cartel has received a slight redesign Hotfix Reconfigured how pressing Tab cancels processing You can now alt tab... You can now move around in the 10m processing radius using WASD... New cartel location added to the map Castle cartel flag location has been adjusted to a "better" position Updated content menu to reflect this update Known Issues: Turtles can be gathered everywhere but in the circle because I decided to put || instead of &&.... Killing myself.
  4. Tis' how I felt on the subject... I had to ask why it was such a "big deal" in the meeting lol. I know the map well enough to basically always drop a marker on someones head and go from there. Automatically adjusts for me and everything. No weapon swapping and shit.
  5. Would making it a destroyed tower be a worthy option? I know they don't offer much for cover but if we angle it well enough might be decent?
  6. Believe it or not a sAPD member actually asked for it to be implemented.
  7. Exactly... Cops need to work on using tactics... Not throwing shit and hoping it sticks. True story.
  8. Exactly. Fine for cops to do it non-stop to civs. But civs cant to cops? Civs even have to have zipties, use the hotkey to restrain. They can't just shift + R....
  9. The way you posted though makes it seems like a player will receive a ban for using a sting/spar to down police.
  10. No offense but this seems to go against what @McDili literally said 2 months ago... Where it's said those rules ONLY APPLY IF YOUR INTENT IS TO ARREST (i.e. playing as a vigi). Not kidnap, etc (playing as a rebel). and Ares And again by McDili
  11. It's also not just not a sAPD thing. It's also staff..
  12. This. Now cops need to value what they do... Now they need to cover each other and work more as a team. Must be awful. The better question is how did 3-4 cops manage to get downed and restrained... How did the first cop not get saved by the other 3-4 cops? Also, I've seen it all the time on cop. Cop see's someone with a vigi weapon walking around town or even rebels with a MK and no bounty. They just let them go and such. Maybe now you'll think more and maybe start checking licenses on those with bounty weapons, etc. Also, imo. The 3 to 1 thing can be removed now... as it really serves no purpose. You wanna kidnap a cop, do it with skill and work. Not simply out numbering him... I for sure will be bringing this up next staff meeting if nothing changes prior.
  13. This... How about I just sell you money. That'll be an "experience"...
  14. Do we get developer ghost hawks then too? The guns are 30mm cannons. Btw, don't worry random I'm pretty sure I'm toxic enough on the forums for the two of us... Since you probably should be more decent now...
  15. I put || instead of && in the code. if ((player distance2d (getMarkerPos "turtle1") > 230) || (player distance2d (getMarkerPos "turtle2") > 230)) exitWith {hint "You need to be in a turtle poaching zone to collect turtles!";}; Yeah anyways. We don't actually control where the fish and shit are btw. They just spawn via base Arma stuff. We don't control the "Herd" yet...
  16. Also, when we're talking low FPS, we mean like low. Like below 10.
  17. Persistent you are.
  18. Hah. Too late now... the hotfix just got rolled out.. but yeah sure thats fine. next update will omit shift. Was just so people could put their hands up without looking like they were "running away".
  19. Processing is working as intended. Sucks to suck. Have you seen the fucked rebel that like spawns your vehicle in Sofia or some shit? Also, theres a new cartel ladies.

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    2. bigSMOKE


      wait what changed? I haven't been on what happened 

    3. Jesse


      No lmao. It was just me literally being trash. I fucked up like 5 things. lol. Small shit, small misses really.

      I mean there's a blog update with the changes :/

    4. bigSMOKE
  20. Tab was added as a way to interrupt processing per the staff meeting today... I'll add a detection for alt being pressed. I was just about to leave and realized I fucked up by adding it to the WASD array too... We're hotfixing the hotfix.... And I'm taking a bath with a toaster.
  21. It's so perfect guys...

  22. How much for the DP23?
  23. Tell that bish to get in da boat and go for a ride.