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  1. Which tbh, if I catch someone worth 1m or something I'm not gonna RP with him because chances are he'll stall for his buddies or who knows some other vigi might try and jack him from me. No thanks, straight to jail you go m8.
  2. New Item - Stun Grenades, throw them at your enemy to incapacitate them for 30 seconds. Soon to be available at a Vigilante Shop near you.

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    2. Poseidon


      1 hour ago, Jesse said:

      I know. This is just a troll... people were oddly in support of it and this completely backfired. Sucks to suck I guess. However, stun nades won't be a thing anytime soon at least. :[

      Gonna go buy McDonalds and kill myself half way through.

      Had me worried for a second, phew

    3. DeadPool1337


      Please do not add those Vigi will be way to op

      If you add those might as well be able to buy a mar 10 with a DMS at rebel



      FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! ITS A JOKE. HE LITERALLY SAID IT WAS A TROLL. No hate to people, but a little reading would tell you, it isn't happening. Sorry, just been like 5 comments after he said it was a joke saying it shouldn't happen and it was op.

  3. I mean, there's no specific setting we set for "Direct Chat Distance"... lol. I know people specifically will whisper and shit when they run along your helicopter etc to try and just barely be heard. It's quite the common joke. Make sure you have your sound effects up though... VON only affects everything else other than direct if I recall, whereas sound effects is direct.
  4. Why?... lol. Should automatically detect this stuff. I don't bother with em.
  5. They def pen, someone had a video of a cartel fight where he shot a blackfish pilot out. I've always tried it in editor. Easier than an orca imo.
  6. Blindfolds fixed Fix so that Cop and Medic don't show on map when restrained Change scroll wheel lethal toggle (cops only) The option will be at the bottom of the list Lowest priority for auto highlight Text for lethals is red Text for tasers is green Icon will be displayed on screen when lethals are loaded Added lethal toggle to use action 14 Fixed issue when epipen on restart and not getting dopamine. You won't be in that constant respawn loop anymore. Fixed issue with double scroll menu options Cops now get paid on lethal kill Pardon is done on kill Hemmt can now tow Prowlers, Quillins, and Jeeps Coffee & Redgull will act the same as if you used the menu to use (didn't before - its an improvement) Coffee price increased and effect duration now match redgull The hotkey will now use coffee as well Redgull will take priority and get used first Jail Exploit Fixes Gas Station Exploit Fixes APD planes are now for corporals. Racing plane added as well Trump & Hillary T-Shirts available for purchase Water Scooter available for purchase Go-Kart vendor now available for your kart needs (He's at the go-kart track by the airfield) Cop defuse message will now display properly Taxi license dialog will now prompt players to pick to keep taxi license or to keep rebel/vigilante. Can no longer hold both at the same time. ChopShop will now accept vehicles with dead bodies inside them. Only the driver of APD vehicles can now turn on the lights Hospital Healing will now allow you to heal above 99hp Admins can now enter XYZ coordinates and teleport to that location. ex. [15000,10250.45,0] Chat censorship fixed
  7. Now just do a spreadsheet. Naked person w/ olympus clothing no vest. and Naked person with vest and no clothing. Ezpz. Everyone will wear the same shit that way.
  8. If you guys want to have a "fresh start" or start from the start... ask an admin to wipe you. The game will probably become enjoyable again... for a while at least.
  9. Have 40 Pilot Coveralls. Looking to sell all 40. 110k/per. If ya dun like the price, fuk off. No need to comment.
  10. I am now back home and on Server 1. As long as my ass isn't in Jail, I'll sell them to you. There's going to be two methods for you to obtain them. 1. Pay in full for the amount you want and put some faith that I'll deliver.. 2. Pay one by one as I wear them to your location, you send me the money and I drop the coverall or hand it over. I'll be unarmed and on a quadbike and alone. If you shoot me you lose out obviously on the coverall because this ass ain't getting revived. Hit me up S1 ([SB] Taylor Swift).
  11. Oh my fuck. BattlEye is shit. Anyone have trouble updating it recently? I get Failed to start service (1058). Fuckin gay.

    1. DeadPool1337


      restart PC problem solved

    2. Jesse


      Can't restart my computer... I leave it running non-stop. Only ever sign out.

  12. Regardless how I got them I'll be home in a while and willing to sell them then. It'll be first come first serve really. Don't have much time, as I have a 4-day work week coming on Saturday night. Thanks.
  13. I mean things would be a lot better if everyone stop trying to prove dick size to each other. No one cares to be called "scats" or "shit" etc non-stop. It's the toxicity that is leading to the decline. No one cares to hear from a cop that you've killed like 7x and on his 8th time back he gets you and then says "Wow, you're so bad", "Wow get good", "Wow you got rekt", etc. This is the type of shit that only promotes others in the chain and cycle to become more toxic. If you want change and want the gameplay to become "better" it has to be from the community and players. No amount of development will change the negativity among players. Also, money has a huge play in this. Yeah, you probably had a lot more fun when you first came to the server because it was a challenge, the other gangs were robbing you and you had to play different. Once you get established you really have nothing more to work for. So instead of going around and making your own fun you sit on a rock at a cartel and spew negative shit in side chat about how other gangs are trash because they don't want to come to a slaughter at a cartel or some shit. The servers not dying. The fun is simply dieing for you because you can't make your own fun. I am comparing these to Asylum because Asylum is essentially the "only" competitor for Altis Life servers based in the US. All these are based on S1 for both communities. Fun Facts: Olympus #1 is ranked #11 among Arma 3 Servers.. Asylum is ranked #15 We have more players online during non-peak hours compared to 30days ago. We use to hit points where there was less than 20 online. Now it's usually always 25+ Our servers are full for a longer period of time (compared to Asylum) We average 71 players Asylum averages 65 players Oh and threads like this don't exactly help the morale of the community or show us in a good light. Once again... if people would stop comparing each other and treating this as a competitive game play of who "wins" it'd be a lot better. Of course no one will actually do this because most of you need to hold on to your "e-peen". Also, for those of you who like say all these textures are causing "texture bugs". Make a reproducible editor mission with vehicles & textures that causes you to get "texture bugged". Note that it's not always textures that relates to frames. There is a lot of things in Arma that you probably don't know about that can affect your FPS. So please stop making this "connection". Some of you say its vehicle textures, some say its objects, some say its sounds. Just stop... We get it, it annoys you. No one forces you to play. This is something that was NOT introduced in only Olympus. It happens elsewhere and it's known by BI, they have no way of producing it so they can't exactly fix it. We also don't know what causes it so, we're not just going to start blindly removing shit in hopes it will fix your shit at the loss of content for others. I know people who get texture bugged daily. Then there's myself who gets it maybe 3x a month. Then there's some who have never had a texture bug in their entire game play.
  14. Hello, I'm a dickhead, trash, ignorant developer that spends his time here.
  15. Right, like why did we make yet another thread about this...
  16. How I spent the last 2 hours...

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      Hemmt box and the hemmt or tempest transport covered (can't remember ehich one exactly) also don't fit along with the hemmt box.

      It's probably too late to suggest spawning side by side with the long end or maybe short end of the shed. Don't know if that's too far past what you've already accomplished or not.

    3. Det. Payne

      Det. Payne

      im pretty sure only the hemt box is too big to go inside those things, but if i had to pick one of those 2 that wouldnt be able to its the tempest. i knwo for sure the hemt transport can fit

    4. Jesse


      Can't be spawned outside of the shed. Some sheds have hills right next to them or objects around the outside which would null the spawn point. Hence why it's inside.

  17. 4fps issues are possibly now thought to be linked to sounds... So stop saying its textures you dicks. (See attached img)


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    2. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      Being shot at can sometimes drop your frames and give you a temporary texture bug. But when I pull a zamack on cop and I get texture bugged I know sounds aint the only cause.

    3. OlympusAccount


      I thought it was called a texture bug because it made the graphics look like they're on acid. I've got the downs.


      Could be, once had my frame-rate plummet and my screen went black after having a flashbang thrown at me by the cops.

    4. Mafia


      I only get "texture bug" on Olympus. I've played many of hours on exile, KOTH and Mil Sim, this is the server where every 20-30 minutes I have to restart arma / my machine due to "Texture bug" and black screening. 

      I am hoping that 64bit helps with this but not sure yet.

  18. No reason to make them automatically come off? If the player wants to run around like a dumbass let em. Might just add a notification that pops up saying you're unrestrained and able to move freely or something.
  19. This is going places.
  20. Pretty solid answer tbh. When all these gangs do that shit honestly, I tend to say we're not going to bother with them. It's annoying. Take this video for example: https://youtu.be/3NYcaFZxCjU?t=1m37s VX is basically talking mad shit. We're in the middle of a fight and they non-stop spam messages and say shit in chat. This fight was 10x better and more worth it in our opinion compared to going to a cartel and sitting on a rock for 15 minutes.
  21. Verified. Contains the N-Word. Also @Airman... you of all people should know... Do you not remember this message I sent you on Facebook on Nov 12th?
  22. Currently, I'm sitting on my toilet taking a shit... the shower is warming up. After reading this I now wish i had a bathtub to sit in with my toaster... For you non believers.
  23. Found a picture of you.
  24. ^ bitching for no reason... on Olympus forums?!?! No.... never....
  25. Funny. How roughly 2 mins of development time was spent on the shirt. Designers made the shirt... So sure. I'll spend 2 minutes of development time on those as well.