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Civ Rep Round Table 8/19/18



Just like the last update,  you guys have a better idea what we Civ Reps do at the meetings and have a better understanding of the whole thing. I will be listing in the topics below whether the idea was Passed or Rejected.

  • Civs able to buy dope crate when no medics are online - Denied


  • Vigis have to follow WPL - Denied


  • Bipods reduced from 10 wp to 3 wp - Denied


  • Civ Rep Debates - Passed


  • Cop and Vigi tase system held back to later meeting 


  • Robbery charges can no longer be paid off at courthouses - Passed


  • New De-mag feature instead of taking firing pin - Passed


  • Be able to bolt cut Fed gates so cops can not click O to open them - Denied

If anyone has any ideas or comments please feel free to msg your future civ reps or leave a comment down here for them.


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18 minutes ago, ikiled said:

Start recording the civ rep round tables again so we can hear the debates. That shit was always fun to listen to.

Anytime I record them it comes out bad. Also was my last meeting and since I cant be civ rep next time I didnt care to try to record this meeting.

  • Kreygasm 1
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