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Civ Rep Round Table 7/22/18




Just like the last update,  you guys have a better idea what we Civ Reps do at the meetings and have a better understanding of the whole thing. I will be listing in the topics below whether the idea was Passed or Rejected.

  • Add pilot coveralls to warpoint shop for 10 wp - Denied - They spawn 2 pairs in each bw crate


  • add tesmpest trans to truck shop - Passed


  • t4 on civ ghosthawks - Passed - it could have been a little buggy but it is supposed to be already in game


  • berets added to civs - passed - makes civs look amazing


  • New system for medic dope crates. This system would allow civs to purchase dope crates and have a cap of 12 dope usages at a time. Cops would be able to windows key the crate and disable the dope usage. - Denied - Dont think this would be a good addition or not needed at the current time of Olympus.



  • I am trying to get Bipod price of wp dropped from 10 wp down to 1-3 wp.

Since I forgot to post a blog last meeting I will just say what mentioned last meeting 7/8/18


  • Federal event NLR removed form the innger circle only when killed by civs - Denied


  • Gang shed realtor - Pretty sure this got passed


  • Cop notifcations on Federal events so cops can know how many cops they will need for the event like a pharma circle update every 3-5 minutes that only tells cops how many people are with in the redcross hatch of the federal event - Denied - to complex


  • FTOs locking channels to avoid the server stack - Denied 


  • 50 cal price drop - Passed - next update 50 cals will be 750k


  • being able to see cops ranks in game - Denied


If anyone has any ideas or comments please feel free to msg me or leave a comment. If anyone has a Civ idea and @DeadPollor @kev aren't around, please put on his spreadsheet so he can log it. Click Here


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22 minutes ago, Dangus said:

Why was this brought up by the civ rep lol

because it would be used for federal events so the FTO would make the decision to lock a channel based on even numbers.

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2 hours ago, DeadPooL said:

because it would be used for federal events so the FTO would make the decision to lock a channel based on even numbers.

Glad that got denied cause that's a stupid idea.

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Civ ghosthawk has a tier 4 but it's turbo not manouvability, tier 4 turbo actually makes it worse to fly.  

We need tier 4 manouvability

I put on bug tracker but not sure if it's been looked into before this post?? 

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On 7/24/2018 at 7:36 PM, Noodles2122 said:

The ability to claim cop Hunters/Striders make it more of a loss if a sgt or higher pulls one

Why would civs be able to OWN APD vehicles???

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5 hours ago, hawk said:

Why would civs be able to OWN APD vehicles???

It wouldn't be APD anymore it would become a civ vehicle. The idea is that cops would stop pulling 10 hunter/strider waves or being more careful with them. And even if this isn't implemented something needs to be changed like higher chop price no insurance things like that

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