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  1. Make unarmed civ ghosthawk a donation goal and i bet you that it would be hit within 24 hrs.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DashTonic


      3 minutes ago, bigSMOKE said:

      just want an unarmed hawk, they are nice to fly 

      become sr medic

    3. bigSMOKE


      11 minutes ago, DashTonic said:

      become sr medic

      im blacklisted or else i would 

    4. Aunt Jemima
  2. When rocket league gives you the opportunity to slap the shit out of cancer: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/93717 (Completely random competitive game).

  3. Demoted? No. Warning? Possibly. My checklist would be: Did they ruin anyone's experience No. Was their role play within server rules / handbook. Yes. Did this aspect of RP positively affect the server. Yes. The medic had a lot of fun and made a new memory on Olympus Servers. Was it a waste of time for them to go out there? Yes. Was the experience a waste of time and had an impact on a different faction, thus causing them to be active on the server/not afk? Yes. with RnR These guys were experiencing a new aspect of RP within their cop careers and also had a positive impact on the server. They didn't break any rules towards anyone and I feel that the points above give you a good outlook on the situation. Hopefully these demotions are revoked, and thats my 2 cents as a player who just comes on the forums once in awhile :D! xD Everyone have a good monday!
  4. Who even are you dude?

  5. I see that your next apology post is coming quite soon. I don't need a 10th grader to spell correct me on an online forum about a video game community that has a player base of 1-1.5k. I know it's tempting to but let's just think about who actually cares.
  6. ...That momment when their talking about high dpi and I have played PC for 8 years on 1600DPI and 2.01 mouse sensitivity on cs go....
  7. if your going to make people be snakes at least offer them like 10mil lol
  8. TBH, this is very nice to see. Normally every gang had someone that could buy them anything they wanted for a massive discount off. At the same time I also see how much it sucks for the people who donated specifically for the purpose of legacy 2+years ago. All in all, it levels the playing field for everyone on Olympus now. Which is nice to see.
  9. 2 Hrs left! Bump!
  10. Bump, Highest offers from @Tazed and @N7Zero
  11. Bump for the night
  12. S3 House auction: 



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