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  1. King said you do multiplication before division in PEMDAS apparently. So his method in 6/2(2+1) was add 2+1 for 3 and then multiply by the 2 so you have 6/6= 1. Was a quality conversation to say the least lol. Atleast your a good sport @King
  2. I’m confused? Do you not want to see what people do the most so you can rob them?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  3. Yea im gonna need some APD and RnR coin flips or riot

  4. Congrats------ @Egnazio

  5. APD CoC not working? 

    1. TheCmdrRex


      Just fixing some stuff. It will be up soon

    2. Main


      3 minutes ago, TheCmdrRex said:

      Just fixing some stuff. It will be up soon

      Just wanted to make sure the link wasn't broken, thanks

    3. Jamie


      Need some viagra

  6. @Ryan / @MrBoonie I believe its time for an olympus epic rap battles of history. 

    Edited by Main
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    2. Savage


      @Last @Xeltini Rzr Productions?

    3. Ryan


      @Viper and @Xeltini already know I’d win ez pz based off my uhh previous history... but I’d be down to host one if the community wants 

      Also you tagged the wrong Ryan :P

    4. Homicide


      Yea i dont think ull beat me i mean i got bars ive been tryn to do this forever 

  7. Anyone know a potential fix for texture bugs? I get one every hour at least on medic, doesn't happen on civ. But i mean its insane, should i just reinstall?

    1. NokiaStrong


      With medic you go around the map frequently therefore higher chance of memory leak and texture bug just restart your game when it happens 

  8. When the entire server is criminals even the medics.... https://gyazo.com/26288c4d9174ecf70cdb744e15dfbee2

  9. No longer are vigis a problem at gang sheds. Now rebels are a problem in cities where they can just tap vigis that are in gangs with a rook for free war points, and if they aren't successful then cops can't even arrest them.#NextVigiBuffWhen?

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    2. Main


      52 minutes ago, kev said:

      Yeah only problem I see truly see happening is that those who log on me and if the arrests are counted when I send their bones.

      Those ones do not count, and I just hit 25 so roughly 12-15 hours it took me.

    3. Jesse
    4. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Sending bones dont count toward it, which really sucks. 

  10. Think we need to have a new trending hashtag. Who wants #luddeforcivrep when we could #LimitLuddesPosts  #5aday !

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    2. DeadPool
    3. Ignis


      @DeadPool yeah, fuck squeaky ceramics

    4. FlapJack


      +1 to early to start campaigns 

  11. @G.O.A.T. fuck you. fuck you. @TheCmdrRex good shit apd promotion real kyle meme @G.O.A.T. Tbh so many people when i played were blacklisted from the apd for just showing slight disrespect to you when they were on civ and I thought you were a cunt. Best descision olympus has done is get rid of you so the current 300 active cops have a good enviorment for apd from the amazing current Sapd. Fuck you. Fuck you. @staff gr8t shit. He might have been a good friend but this descision is sooo fucking good for olympus!!!!
  12. Make unarmed civ ghosthawk a donation goal and i bet you that it would be hit within 24 hrs.

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    2. DashTonic


      3 minutes ago, bigSMOKE said:

      just want an unarmed hawk, they are nice to fly 

      become sr medic

    3. bigSMOKE


      11 minutes ago, DashTonic said:

      become sr medic

      im blacklisted or else i would 

    4. Aunt Jemima

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