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  1. Congratulations to the boy @Hurricane 

  2. Unjo

    Make sure there aren't more than 5 cops on at any time one server. We dont want those civs doing fed events doing fed season

    1. billdroid


      I don’t get it. Free money for corps+

    2. Unjo


      Unlucky redeploy too slow 

  3. Congrats on mod man, well deserved @Panda :) and grats on sen. dev @Pledge

  4. Unless we can get 3 late submissions for the cs:go tourny we probably will have to cancel. Sooooo sign up with teams :4head:

  5. Eyyyyy congrats dude! @Mason Harrison

    1. Mason Harrison

      Mason Harrison

      thank you main !!! 😄

  6. congrats man  @AstralC 

  7. Make sure to get your CS:GO rosters submitted - 


    1. Joce


      But my N64 is broken 😞

    2. Main
  8. 2nd tournament is a go, make sure to get your vote(s) in before the poll closes tomorrow


  9. Poll with be going up tomorrow with vote choices of R6, rocket league, leauge of legends, and cs:go.
  10. Winners of the first olympus R6 tournament, 12mil in cash, and ts tags is LMAO. Winners: @Civak @Hurricane @Coob @Brookss @Weaz

  11. Tards vs LMAO is LIVE! www.twitch.tv/main1999

  12. Tournament starts in 38 minutes. 12mil prize pool and ts tags to the winners!

  13. Updated the roster, since its the first tournament allowed a late submission. Tournament is tomorrow, poll for the next one (hopefully cs:go) will be thrown up on after the tournament or Sunday. https://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=srsHnSLwHV

  14. bracket for the tournament https://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=TPhiesSuCT Please be in TS at 2 PM EST if you can. Tournament starts promptly at 3PM EST October 5th.

  15. R6 Siege rosters must be submitted by tonight! 5 teams currently signed up. 


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