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  1. Congrats man @AstralC 

  2. Olympus CoD tournament is live! current match is 0-1 in our first best of 3. 


  3. CoD tournament today at 6PM EST and just a little info on it: 12mil cash and TS tag's to the winners. Teams are 6v6. Event will take place in Olympus TS. We will strawpoll for the game mode(s) and rules we want to have in place. Links to rosters and signup here:


    1. GummyCow


      why not 5v5 with CDL rules?

  4. gw requires multiple staff members present and removing/updating server 3's mission file. This just requires me to host custom games
  5. Rewards: Rewards are 12mil Olympus cash divided among the 5 main players on the roster (subs get 0 ). TS tag until the next tournament. Rules: To prevent others that are not Olympus community members from playing, you must have at least 50 hours played on Olympus servers to participate (to prevent smurf's and such). Rosters will need to be submitted fully with the following info: Name, steam 64 ID (player id), and then the account name of the platform we are playing on to get pre-setup for the tournament (example: If the game picked is rainbow six siege you need to submit Uplay ID, whereas CS:GO would be steam ID/profile link). Banned players can play as long as they are not banned off of the Olympus Official Teamspeak (Scripting/Hacking/any cheating banned payers are banned from the tournament). If players are suspected of cheating at ANY time during the event their team will be immediately disqualified and the player(s) will not be allowed to participate in any other tournament on ANY other game we host. Information/Important Dates: Tournament starts at 6PM EST November 9th. Setup for the tournament will begin at 5 P.M. EST. We prefer you and your entire team are here early to start setting up everyone’s games so we can start promptly at 6. Submit your rosters through this link: https://forms.gle/WgcM9pKbLtf5DL9P7 (If you submit the day of the tournament you may not be accepted due to having to check PID's). You will be able to edit your response by clicking on the link again. Do this if someone needs to change from a sub to the main lineup or if they can't make it to the event. Once the deadline comes you will no longer be able to edit you response. You can be a sub on multiple rosters. Once rosters are submitted they will be put into a google sheets form and hopefully stay updated to let everyone know the exact amount of teams we currently have at that time. Anyone can view the current roster here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CGoc0ouyOZIvwicsb32FMSdP1outtzEoCELX3SV5pTg/edit?usp=sharing Even if you only have 3/5 members currently ready to participate submit the uncompleted roster while you search for your final members. You can go back and edit your response to add the new players. Once again this is so I can have a current list available to everyone who is going to be playing. The bracket. The bracket will be randomized using the same system as gang wars. This will be published ASAP once the rosters have been submitted.
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