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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.


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  1. Just a PSA to the community. I just got scammed out of 62 Mil by @catsmeow the leader of tree. I was a member for 1 year. This is how their LEADER choose to act. I wanted to leave this community on a good note. The leader cats stole 62 mil from me. This is their gang. DONT DO DEALS WITH @lou25000 who i thought was a friend for over a year. DONT DEAL WITH @Orgondo since he condones this behavior. Just a PSA note to everyone, Farewell.

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    2. Africa


      @Shiv1 this dude got scammed out of 220.5 dollar loll 

    3. Shiv1


      nigga u stupid for sending it all at once. he's a dickhead for scamming u but u stupid as well 

    4. Felipeee


      13 hours ago, Corporal Moob said:

      @Seth Mobster

      Previously you guys had it in your handbook that cops weren't even allowed to play on the same server as TREE.


      Also let's pretend that anyone in the community cares about GP for $ that goes on. Don't use that as an excuse to go and Johnson them, People in your gang have done it. n0 d0uble st0ndards

      people always snake money from others right? :)

  2. Main

    Well, work is picking up and I've lost my drive for arma entirely after 5k+ hours of arma2 OA+ arma 3. Farewell to everyone who was able to help me get to where I was in the APD. @housekitty By far the most fun SAPD to chill/play with. @Pledge The back-bone of the APD. @Edge Thanks for letting me fly constantly as a P.O.+ great times on cop Great community, great staff, and most of all, great players.
  3. Little late but still just important, GRATS! @Destruct

    1. destruct


      THANKS BUD!!

  4. Main

    Can testify if you get chased by snipez you will be chased until that johnson is out of gas.
  5. Just got home from vacation and am welcomed to a better Olympus! Congrats @Hurricane @thor. @Deputy Dog  @sandman and the boy @Benji. (@broken) 

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    2. Vac.


      A better olympus? i dont think so...

    3. L1on


      Welcome back!

    4. thor
  6. @Xeltini Congrats on corp and happy bday!

    1. Xeltini


      Thank you :wub:

  7. Main

    Taser variants of the weapon do the EXACT same damage but instead of killing you when you hit 0 HP they taze you, so essentially your point is invalid. So to put in in your own words "you had a gun battle", while loosing fair and square. If he had a lethal weapon you would have died. So in conclusion you loose both ways.
  8. Congrats dude. Always a pleasure playing with you.

    1. Main


      Thanks man!


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