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  1. Buy these server 1 houses please...

    Kav 2 Crater


    Neo Air 0 Crater


    1. DashTonic


      Too far from snake house

  2. Is impeachment of a civ rep possible?

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    2. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Thank you Jesse for saying that, I agree.

    3. DeadPool


      I'm not gonna argue with you. The last few things I'm gonna say, I have been here for 2 years and fought in different cartel play styles. This new version of fighting cartels is scummy and not even fun. I haven't played recently cuz my sleep schedule was fucked and I had to fix it for school. It is hard to find a compromise when everyone tries to go against you rather than help and find a point of agreement. Yes, I understand people do not like that idea of Vigis not allowed on warzone or to camp a gang shed I FUCKING UNDERSTAND I HEARD YOU THE FIRST FUCKING TIME SO GET OFF MY BACK I AM DOING WHAT I CAN WITH WHAT LITTLE I GOT TO HELP THE FUCKING PART OF CIVS. I have told numerous people if you want me to address an idea or an issue submit it to my google doc and I will get it to when I get the staff meeting. Yes I know I did not address everything I said I was going too at the last meeting. Why? I was simply told not too and to wait for the next. I literally have over a 160 replies to one google doc so please fuck off my back or actually try to help me do not get in front of me and tell you are upset with an idea and how you are gonna whine and complain try to help me and help the fucking community to a better place not sit still and bitch. I have said this before and I will say it again I would rather do something to help a little rather do nothing and help nothing. After all, little things can add up to be a big thing with good change. 

    4. Jesse


      Lets leave it with that ^ and cool down a bit...

  3.  When people start getting suspicious8kIbpgP.jpg

    1. Dangus


      Nice mercedez

    2. Unjo


      Wonder what the send button does? :huh:



    3. Colin L

      Colin L

      S E N D I T

  4. Welp my watercooler pump has been broken, see you guys on wednesday!

    Im switching to aircooling for now

  5. I don't see how anyone would think restricting civs from going into certain areas would work out... Do people really expect this rule to be followed?

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    2. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      Its not a rule. Don't follow it. Go nutz in warzone with tazers if you want. 

    3. Sho


      It doesn't need to be a rule to fix it. It just needs to be changed to be not worth the time. Make gang sheds more costly to destroy and make vigis have a more difficult time through one way or another.

    4. Colin L

      Colin L

      @Peter Long I know its not a rule but that is what deadpool is implying in his status updates...

      @Sho If you have any actual constructive ideas, you should hit up Deadpool. He’ll love to hear

  6. mRdTQ1s.png

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    2. Haze


      Shut up botz, ur all below me on the war pts...

    3. Colin L

      Colin L

      I wonder why <_<

    4. DeadPool


      @Haze Im scared to look up at you it is a frightful sight 

  7. I remember using those things to smack cars and people on the ground (I wasn't a nice person)
  8. Maybe if I get it, I can gift it to someone else (for ingame money of course)
  9. 234 345
  10. These armed planes are my time to shine! 

    Tho I dont know how theyll be implemented 

  11. PM me if you have an offer for it...
  12. Oh man, I got arrested with one after only killing two cops... Should have sold it lol. Per warpoint the cost is 17,500 So it should cost 875,000 for the mar-10 and 87,500 per mag usually...

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