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  1. Will someone buy my DMS for 5mil? Ill be on in 4 hours

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    2. Tb:)


      ill do 2.5

    3. obeymatt


      11 minutes ago, Tb:) said:

      ill do 2.5


    4. Tb:)


      yikes i only got 2.5 

  2. I dont doubt that... Ive seen the walmart vid
  3. It doesnt seem like a great idea to have a mass of socially awkard soyboys on a cruise because in my opinion, i doubt half of the people here know how to act in the real life...
  4. @Sam1 I hope you got rid of the body of the person you hit...
  5. Thats true but the locations pretty good and im not sellin it for much
  6. Well, it one of the dev blogs they said that losing mags when dying was fixed, but I never saw a change to that.
  7. Still selling the S3 Cartel Island 4 Crater. First person to offer 3 mil gets the house. 

    First person to come back to me with 7 mil for the DMS gets it too

    Edited by Colin L
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    2. MrBoonie


      7 mill done.

    3. obeymatt


      1 dollar and some toe jam 

    4. Mike Pence

      Mike Pence

      I put that house up for free

  8. “Useless” alright bud
  9. This is the only 4 crater on warzone island, and yes, its on server 3. Post your offers below. If you want your offer to be private, PM me. If you want to buy a DMS though, hit me up.

    1. JebronLames


      that OHHhhHhhHhh at the end has me dead

    2. Prime


      So that's how you got up

    3. Colin L

      Colin L

      Yah, he was being a little bit cocky...

  11. cJE3hKM.png

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    2. ikiled


      @Invu which dumbass locked on our heli that was landed and fired 3 titan rockets into it when it was on the ground lol.


    3. Invu


      @ikiled not gonna point my man on blast

    4. Toasty


      @N7Zero homie doesnt know what voice over net is... took him like 5 mins at least

  12. Hmm
  13. But plane delivery's sound cool

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